Choosing a cross, it is important not to be guided by its beauty and material value of the product, and understanding that the pectoral cross is a symbol of our faith.
All goods purchased in the temple or iconic shop, it's been lighting before the sale and re-consecration does not require. But if the product was purchased at a conventional jewelry store, be sure to sanctify the cross.
When you select the cross you should pay attention to the fact that some of the cross the crucifix is made by Catholic sample. Such cross coverage in the Orthodox Church are not subject. Unlike the Catholic crucifix from the Orthodox is the way nailed to the cross the feet of Christ. In the Orthodox crucifixion, two nails, and the Catholic one.
Wishing to consecrate the cross necessary to visit a temple where to apply to employees near the candle which sell candle and write required. At your request, they will be invited after the service the priest to talk about sanctification.
Lighting can conduct any priest. For this you should refer to him with the words: "Reverend father! I ask you to sanctify my cross to bear wearable!
And the priest shall take your cross, examine it and decide on the compliance of the canonical status of Orthodoxy. Although sanctification be just the cross itself, to convey it can be hung on a chain or Gaitan.
After seeing the cross and complying with the Orthodox canons, the priest enters to the altar and hold the put in this case, the rite.
At the consecration of the cross, the priest read two special prayers. In those prayers he asked the Lord God that he has poured the heavenly power in the cross and that the cross was guarded by not only the soul but also the body of the wearer from all the slander of the enemy, sorcery, witchcraft and other evil forces. After prayers are read, the priest will return you to the cross.