Advice 1: How to consecrate the Church crucifix

According to Church tradition, the pectoral cross should be consecrated in the Church. The cross can be bought in any jewelry store. In the Church shops the consecrated crosses are sold. Orthodox Christians believe that consecrated cross, protects from the evil spirits.
How to consecrate the Church crucifix
Select an Orthodox Church where you want to sanctify pectoral cross. All churches are open to believers from morning to late evening, Monday through Sunday. Sanctify crossIR at any time, but better to do it on weekdays when the Church is less than faithful. On a weekday you can calmly talk to the priest.
Upon entering the temple, three times the pencrossyo u and ask any Church employee to invite the priest. The Church must always be the duty of the priest. To sanctify pectoral cross can any priest or Bishop.
Ask for blessings at the priest and tell him about your request.
Pay the fee about the candle for the consecration crossof IR. Pectoral cross can be given at the consecration, along with the chain. Typically, it is placed on a special tray, which the priest carries the altar. It is important to remember that the pectoral crossof the IR should be exactly the Orthodox sample. Not conforming to the Orthodox canons crossIR you simply will not get sanctification.
Pray and put a candle in the Church before the icon of the Lord or mother of God. Try to escape from all earthly things and all the attention paid to the prayers. In the altar at this time the priest reads a special prayer, which asks God to sanctify the cross. During the prayer the priest crossobrazno sprinkles Holy water on pectoral cross.
Immediately put the cross on yourself when, after the rite of consecration, the priest will take the tray with your crossthe IR from the altar and give you. An Orthodox Christian should be in Church with to put on the crossby IR. If you have any questions about pectoral crosse, ask the priest. After all this, thank the priest and ask him for blessings.
Carefully treat the consecrated cross. Remember that the pectoral cross is a symbol of your faith in God. According to the priests, dilapidated crossIR should be attributed to the temple. In no case do not dispose of the crossIR.

Advice 2: How to consecrate an icon

The icon for an Orthodox person is a great relic, a window into the spiritual world. Orthodox Christians venerate is not the material from which made the image, and paint, but directly to the person depicted on the icon.
How to consecrate an icon

In the Christian tradition it is customary to call written images of the great ascetics of piety the Holy icons. In the Orthodox service is a special rite of sanctification of various icons.

Every Orthodox people want to have in your house, consecrated the Shrine is a sacred icon. Icons which can be purchased at the temples, already sanctified. Some people are want to buy the Holy images, not only in churches but in any shops. In such cases, if the icon is painted according to the Orthodox Canon, the image must be blessed.

Most of the icons are consecrated in temples. This can be done at any time when the House of God, being a priest. Usually the icon is consecrated after the morning service. On holidays and Sundays, after the Liturgy or performing requested services.

In order to sanctify the icon you want to bring the Holy image into the temple and ask the priest about sanctification. You can also pre-apply to the seller in the Church shop, izjavlja the desire to sanctify the Holy image.

Icons can also be sanctified, and before the evening service. All depends directly on the employment of a priest.

Some people can ask the priest about osumenyi icons at a time when the priest has to perform some religious rites at home. In this case, the Holy way, you can consecrate immediately before or after performing the rites.

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