Advice 1: How to wear a bandage after surgery

The bandage is called a tight bandage, made of a special breathable material that keeps the joints or the necessary spine and is used to reduce the load on the damaged (injured) area. Wearing and the choice of a band requires compliance with certain rules, otherwise the whole treatment might go down the drain.
How to wear a bandage after surgery
You will need
  • - doctor's consultation;
  • necessary bandage;
  • - cotton underwear.
Before selecting a brace consult with your doctor about its use. Let him tell you about the correct model of fixation and time of use of the brace.
Buy a bandage at any pharmacy, in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Please note that your bandage is well breathable, does not break the blood circulation, without causing discomfort. Picking up the bandage, focus on your size. It usually depends on the amount of the waist and its width from the growth of the operated or the amount of postoperative seam.
Mainly the bandage put on underwear made of natural fabrics. But some models of tires can be worn on bare skin. Before the brace, carefully read the instructions to him: read the situation in which you need to wear a brace, how to fix, what to wear, how to care, etc.
The time of wearing the brace depends on the effectiveness of primary treatment and your individual circumstances. But usually postoperative brace wear no more than two months, otherwise you may experience atrophy of internal organs. Wearing time is prescribed by a doctor.
Do not try to tighten on themselves the bandage too tightly: you seriously block the access of oxygen to the affected area. If you are using a magnetic bandage, do not use it with other electronic devices in the body. Do not wear the brace with high heels are incompatible. To take the weight off the internal organs and back, exercise only in the brace. If you feel any discomfort when wearing it, consult your doctor.
Remember that the bandage is used in combination with the main treatment, it locks the operating seam and prevents bruising and swelling at the incision site, exfoliate the scar and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the bandage ensures the correct position of the internal organs and removes the operated on from the extra load.

Advice 2: How to wear a postoperative brace

The postoperative bandage is a tight bandage, made of special breathable fabric. Such material provides a secure fit of the particular spine or joints, which reduces strain on the damaged area. To select and wear of this product, you need to follow some rules, otherwise the treatment may not be as effective.
How to wear a postoperative brace

How to choose a post-operative bandage

Before you purchase post-operative bandage, consult with your doctor. Let him advise you on what kind of model fixing, it is preferable to choose in your case. In addition, the doctor will give you recommendations on the term of use of this product.

Buy post-operative bandage you can either in the pharmacy or in a specialized store. When choosing one, it is important to pay special attention to good breathing. In any case you cannot apply the bandage, which violates the blood circulation and causing you any discomfort.

In addition, when choosing this product, you should focus on your size. As a rule, you need to know the volume of his waist. The width of the bandage is selected depending on the weld size and growth of the operated.

How to wear a postoperative brace

A tie worn in the early period after surgery and in the most acute period after injury. Using it depends on the individual characteristics of your body and effective treatment prescribed by your doctor. As a rule, wear no more than 2 months, because otherwise the body may be irreversible processes, which are accompanied by atrophy of internal organs.

The period of wearing depends on your whim or personal choice, it is simply the appointment of your doctor. Gradually you will be able to move on to the irregular use of therapeutic bandage, combined with low physical activity.

In most cases, the postoperative brace is worn over the underwear made of a natural material (e.g. cotton fabric). However, in some cases, the therapeutic bandage is worn on the naked body. Before putting on the bandage, carefully read the instructions supplied with this product. There will be indicated the position in which you need to wear a bandage, how to fix, what clothes should be worn, how it should be maintained.

It is not recommended too tightly to tighten the postoperative brace. In this application, to the affected area will be to do too little oxygen. Applying a magnetic bandage, you should not combine it with wearing electronic devices.

It should also be remembered that post-operative bandage and high heels cannot be combined. If you wish to reduce the strain on the back and internal organs, do household chores, associated with physical effort, without removing the medical bandage.

Advice 3: How to wear a neck brace

Neck brace the doctor prescribes for treatment of degenerative disc disease and instability of the vertebrae, to eliminate the consequences of the fracture, and immobilization after injuries and operations. For effective treatment it is important to follow the rules of the bandage.
How to wear a neck brace
Neck braceor collar of Chance, designed for an average degree of fixation of the cervical spine and head. It relieves the neck muscles and restricts the mobility of the head. Use this device strictly according to prescription.
Pick the right size of collarfor this, measure the distance from the middle of the clavicle to the angle of the mandible. The resulting figure is the height of the neck and is the correct size. You can do it yourself, but in most cases the sellers of orthopedic shops themselves choose the right size bandage.
Wear collar directly to the body, the chin should ideally go into the correct cavity. Fasten the Velcro behind the neck so that the breath is not difficult, but in the meantime neck movement is limited. Ie, avoid too tight or the opposite - weak fixing of the fixture.
If you correctly picked up and put on collar, you will not be able to bend the head. Now remember, to examine something at the bottom, you will have to bend his whole body. So, if you need to tie a shoelace or do anything else like that, you better ask another person.
In bandagee extremely uncomfortable to drive. Now you can only turn your head with the trunk of the body, and that means you will not be able to look in the side mirror of the car. This is very dangerous, so at the time of treatment abstain from trips behind the wheel.
Bandage should from time to time to remove, in order to rest certain muscle groups. Check with your physician how frequently you can do it. In most cases, while wearing the collar of the Chance doctors recommend to take it every 2 hours for 30 minutes.
Obey all regulations in terms of the treatment of your disease with the help of the collar the Chance. If during treatment you have an unpleasant sensation of vertigo, "jumps" blood pressure and other symptoms, immediately consult your doctor.

Advice 4: How to sew a bandage for cats

Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when is necessary surgery to save the life of your pet. Maybe order your pet is recovered quickly and didn't hurt the incision, he will need some time to wear a bandage. Can you sew it yourself?
How to sew a bandage for cats
If cats had abdominal surgery, in some cases, a veterinarian will recommend the owner to purchase a special animal for post-operative bandage. Not so easy it can be to deal with the intricacies of fabric and ties, but make it still have. The main purpose of such rugs is to prevent dirt in the stitches, which can occur inflammation. Wearing blankets for cats for some time with a high degree of probability allow for normal fusion of tissues.

How to sew a bandage for the cat yourself?

To manufacture post-operative bandage for cats are medium in size on their own, take a piece of thick cotton cloth, better light shades – they are more visible to potential contamination.
Please note that the fabric should not be loose and "crumble" - trapped in the wound a small string can provoke the development of inflammation.
When you do pattern blanket, don't forget to leave allowances for stitching its edges.

To brace for a medium-sized cat will need a rectangle of fabric approximately 27 to 28 cm, at center rear edge of which is continued by the valve 8 cm long and 10 cm wide. Back 12 cm from the front edge of the future and make a blanket with both sides of the cut depth of about 9 cm and a width of 3-4 cm for the front legs of the animal. Sewn edge of the workpiece to prevent "shedding" of the fabric.

To secure the bandage on the body of the cat should be firmly and neatly sew the workpiece tape. A pair of strips fastened on both sides of the tire close to its front edge, next – on both sides of the cutouts for the front legs and near the rear edge of the product. On the back of the valve at its edges sew 2 more strips you tie on the tail of the animal. The brace should snugly to the chest and tummy of a cat, and it strips you should tie on top, on her back.

Requirements for a blanket for the cat

Tape, which the blanket is secured on the body of the animal, should not cause him discomfort and at the same time they should be sufficiently durable and safe. Do not make these straps too long, the animal may catch their all for something and panic. Ideally, they should be made of such material that in case of an emergency, the animal could break and release myself from the blanket.

In fact, the first couple of days after surgery the cat better not to leave unattended. That's how much time you usually need for she ceased to feel the bandage on my body and not to disrupt it, risking to damage the seam and to bring him the infection.

Don't forget to change the bandage – it should always be clean. Timely treat the incision area as instructed by a veterinarian.
No need to fully remove the bandage for this treatment is enough to unleash the last couple of strips and bend the valve.
A young and strong animal has a good ability to regenerate, and the seams have him heal very quickly.

Advice 5: Will the band with hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy

The tone of the uterus during pregnancy can bring the expectant mother a lot of discomfort. The brace supports the uterus, causing muscles relax. But in order to eliminate hypertonicity, wearing brace, as a rule, is not enough.
Will the band with hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy

Hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy and its causes

The uterus muscles tend to periodically stretch and relax. When they for a long time in a state of tension, it is no longer the norm. This phenomenon is called hypertonicity. With him regularly encounter many pregnant women.

During muscle mums can feel pain in the lower abdomen, often the stomach becoming hard like stone. Besides the fact that this condition causes a lot of discomfort, it is quite dangerous. Hypertonicity can cause premature birth. In the early stages of pregnancy, it poses a threat of inadvertent interrupts.

The cause of hypertonicity may be lack of magnesium salts in the body, fatigue, stress, heavy physical exertion.

Does the brace to relieve the hypertonicity of the uterus

Wearing the brace during pregnancy helps to solve many problems. But before you purchase it, it is advisable to consult with your gynecologist. In some cases, wearing it is not recommended.

The brace helps to relieve tension of the uterus, as it supports the tummy by preventing the muscles to strain during active walking or other physical activity. It also allows you to unload the spine.

It should be understood that by means of wearing the brace fails to resolve only mild hypertonus, which is caused by muscle strain associated with the displacement of the center of gravity, as well as active exercise. In most cases, addressing the hypertonicity requires a comprehensive approach.

In this pathology at the same time with wearing the bandage for pregnant you need to take antispasmodics. Assign them can only be a doctor. The specialist will clarify the schedule of reception and dosage of the drug.

If the tone is the result of a deficiency of magnesium in the body, the woman must take drugs that contain salts. In this case, the bandage can not help to get rid of the manifestations of hypertonicity. But this does not mean that wearing it is not necessary.

Bandage need to pick up strictly according to the size and use it correctly. It should not be too tight, squeeze the internal organs and hamper movement.

When the voltage of the smooth musculature of the uterus should be immediately lie down on the sofa or bed and relax. If the cause of this condition is stress, you should try to calm down and think about your health and the health of the future baby.
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