The first time after giving birth as often as possible sleep on your stomach. This position allows the uterus to shrink faster and at the same time flattens the tummy. Be sure to wear a bandage on my stomach in the afternoon, when deal with different cases. If there are no special compression bandage, tighten the stomach ordinary towel as tight as you can, tying a knot on the back. With this brace and the belly will catch up soon and heals much faster.
Exercises such as Bicycle and the other, designed at the press of a stomach, do it after consultation with the doctor and in any case not for painful sensations in the area of the weld seam.
Use if the seam has healed completely, and there are no inflammation, anti-cellulite gels and creams, lubricating their stomach. Also make wraps with the plastic wrap the abdomen and also thighs. In this state is quite suitable and honey wrap, seaweed, vinegar, coffee. Mustard and chocolate until set aside. While body wraps don't lie on the couch in warm clothes intensively move, do physical exercise, to actively burn the fats under the film.
With the approval of the doctor join a pool and swim in it intensely back and abdomen, do underwater leg swings in different directions, pull his legs to himself. The water quickly "hones" figure, leads her to sport status.
Gradually exceed the load on the abdomen. But not before feeling the pain in it. Try to walk more, walk. Take the lessons of Hatha yoga. Yoga perfectly pulls the stomach area.
Buy fitball – large fitness ball with vivid colors, uplifting. Do special exercises for the back and abdomen, exercising with fitball at home.