How to choose a post-operative bandage

Before you purchase post-operative bandage, consult with your doctor. Let him advise you on what kind of model fixing, it is preferable to choose in your case. In addition, the doctor will give you recommendations on the term of use of this product.

Buy post-operative bandage you can either in the pharmacy or in a specialized store. When choosing one, it is important to pay special attention to good breathing. In any case you cannot apply the bandage, which violates the blood circulation and causing you any discomfort.

In addition, when choosing this product, you should focus on your size. As a rule, you need to know the volume of his waist. The width of the bandage is selected depending on the weld size and growth of the operated.

How to wear a postoperative brace

A tie worn in the early period after surgery and in the most acute period after injury. Using it depends on the individual characteristics of your body and effective treatment prescribed by your doctor. As a rule, wear no more than 2 months, because otherwise the body may be irreversible processes, which are accompanied by atrophy of internal organs.

The period of wearing depends on your whim or personal choice, it is simply the appointment of your doctor. Gradually you will be able to move on to the irregular use of therapeutic bandage, combined with low physical activity.

In most cases, the postoperative brace is worn over the underwear made of a natural material (e.g. cotton fabric). However, in some cases, the therapeutic bandage is worn on the naked body. Before putting on the bandage, carefully read the instructions supplied with this product. There will be indicated the position in which you need to wear a bandage, how to fix, what clothes should be worn, how it should be maintained.

It is not recommended too tightly to tighten the postoperative brace. In this application, to the affected area will be to do too little oxygen. Applying a magnetic bandage, you should not combine it with wearing electronic devices.

It should also be remembered that post-operative bandage and high heels cannot be combined. If you wish to reduce the strain on the back and internal organs, do household chores, associated with physical effort, without removing the medical bandage.