Why hurt the seam after cesarean

Painful sensations arise in the incision area, usually when having sex, weight lifting or squat, inflammation of the seam after cesarean. Can also be problems with the "chair", which is manifested in the form of constipation. While a large amount of bleeding after cesarean section is a favorable environment for bacterial growth.

How much it hurts the seam after cesarean

During the first two days after surgery, had to endure incessant and sharp pain, to experience that you can use painkillers. You need a lot of to do to regain the bowels. Incision after surgery is bleeding heavily due to insufficient blood clotting, which requires immediate professional intervention. After cesarean section joint will hurt for several weeks, then the pain is replaced by itching in places the dissection of the skin and completely disappears within six months.

Than to smear the seam after cesarean

Should undergo regular inspection of the incision from her gynecologist or a surgeon, they can prescribe medication that will reduce pain or prevent inflammation. To handle the seam should be daily, alone or with the help of medical staff. As a drying and disinfecting tools you can use a solution of brilliant green, iodine or potassium permanganate. Note that a large number of ointments or gels to use undesirable and must be allowed to dry out the seam.

In case of discrepancies between the seam after cesarean section, it is necessary to hospitalize the woman as delaying the visit to the hospital will lead to serious consequences or even death. Very often the seam after cesarean can fester, marked swelling and redness, increased pain and fever. To reduce the pain will require the use of antibiotics and antibacterial ointments.

After a few years can show the consequences of the operation. For example, the seal on the suture after the operation, otherwise ligature fistula may appear after several years and require repeated surgical intervention. The reason for this can be rejection by the body of the suture material. Arisen in this case with a hole on the seam after cesarean section will be continually fester and dry out, what is self-medication.