You will need
  • bandage
In order to determine the size of the prenatal bandage, you will need to make one measurement – the hips under the belly. So, bandage and ninety-two sizeand will fit women measurement result is within the range from eighty-nine to ninety-two inches, and one hundred and twelfth – from one hundred nine to one hundred twelve inches.
Not to say that there is a universal model suitable to all women without exception. Buying a brace, you should try several models and determine the one that suits a particular woman.
One of the ways to understand how properly made the choice, is to put on a bandage to hold the back of your hand between the belly and the elastic band. In case if it is matched incorrectly, the hand will either slide freely, or it will push much gum.
In addition, it is important to understand, how do you brace when walking, and when the woman sits or stands. It is therefore recommended to buy it in specialized shop, where experienced consultants will help you choose the bandage according to the rules and will tell you what cream is best to use when wearing it to avoid stretch marks flaking and give the skin of the abdomen elasticity.