Why the need for an abdominal binder after cesarean section?

The answer to this question is important to individually determine the required period of wearing elastic corset, the main purpose of which – the contraction of the muscles of the abdomen and return them thus lost during pregnancy tone. In most cases, at a relatively normal course of gestation and childbirth this process occurs spontaneously, but the brace can greatly help speed it up.
After natural childbirth is almost always wearing an elastic corset – a huge help in return women to the antenatal form. However, after caesarean section the need of wearing the brace should be determined by the doctor.

However, after the caesarean section to wear or not to wear a bandage may decide only a doctor, since there are types of stitches in which the wearing of the elastic belt is prohibited. However, if there are no contraindications, and the wearing of the bandage does not cause the woman pain, the corset may significantly facilitate her process of healing surgical wounds. So, fixing the seams allows to avoid the unpleasant "pulling" sensation while walking, supports the organs in the correct position and helps to quickly restore the shape.

The time of wearing the abdominal binder after cesarean

Duration, as the need to wear brace after cesarean section, specifies only the doctor based on the individual characteristics of the woman's health and her post-operative condition . Usually average wear elastic waist comes from three to five weeks, however in some special situations, the time it will take a few more.
Competent to assess the wear time of the bandage in each case can only physician-based assessment of the overall condition of the woman, the tone of her abdominal muscles and the type of surgical suture made.

An important caveat of wearing a brace is that to wean from it, after a few weeks of wear, need to slowly. If at one moment to abandon the corset, it may lead to painful sensations in the abdomen and other kinds of discomfort. For weeks wearing the belt muscle women "used" to the constant support from the outside, they need some time to re - "learn" self-reliance. You can start with 15 minutes without the bandage every day, gradually increasing this time. However you need to remember that long enough after giving birth by caesarean section to go out without an elastic waistband is strongly not recommended.