Advice 1: How to wear an orthopedic corset

Upon injury of the spine the effectiveness of preventive and therapeutic effects of the corset, as well as your health and General well-being will depend on how closely you stick to the basic rules of wearing a corset.
How to wear an orthopedic corset
To orthopedic corset functioned and contributed to a rapid recovery, you need to know how to wear. Here are a few recommendations that will help to improve your health.
Remember to wear corset without removing need no more than 5-6 hours a day. Only by adhering to these measures the orthopedic corset really will effectively support the spine and warm the back without consequences. At night, be sure to take it off.
Despite the fact that the use of orthopedic corset allows you to remove load from the spine, at the same time it does not allow muscles to work independently. This makes them weak, and again forced to wear a corset. That's why don't wear it unless absolutely necessary.
On the contrary, if you intend to do heavy physical work, for example, to carry heavy loads or work in the country either look forward to playing sports, a long drive behind the wheel, be sure to wear an orthopedic corset. The indication for the wear are also back pain caused by degenerative disc disease or sciatica. In this case, wear a corset, as soon as you feel discomfort in the back.
For a long time you can wear corset only by the physician if the back starts to ache after being in standing or sitting only for 15-20 minutes. If a small physical workout or rest in a horizontal position, relieve you from back pain, then better not use a corset.
Do not tighten the corset too tight, so as not to disturb the circulation. This may limit the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, to make breathing and greatly compress the gastrointestinal tract.
To determine whether the tightened corset, analyze your feelings after he be dressed. The presence of a strong pulsation in the navel region said that the corset is too tight and should loosen them up a bit. If it is spinning and slowly slides off, then he weakly stretched - tighten the corset tighter.
Orthopedic corset must properly encircle the lumbar. The lower part of it should tightly cover the upper part of the pelvis, and the upper part of the corset must also adhere to the back. If you have a well-drawn waist, then choose a special corsets, which take into account peculiarities of the structure of the female body.
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Below the corset were not rubbed on the body, be sure to wear it over underwear. In the summer after removing the neoprene corset it dry, wipe back, not to chill your back and not aggravate existing problems.

Advice 2 : Does the back brace from the stoop

To correct different degrees of stoop, there are curative and preventive corsets. They help to eliminate curvature of the spine and support it in proper position.
Does the back brace from the stoop
Slouch is one of disorders of posture in which increasing curves of spine. To correct stooped posture podiatrists recommend a comprehensive approach: implementation of special physical exercise plus wearing the corset.

How does wearing a prophylactic brace back eliminates stooping.

The corset is an orthopedic appliance for correcting posture and preventing further deformation of the spine. Depending on the purpose of distinguish corrective (remedial) and preventive corsets. You can only choose preventive corsets, which are made of natural and soft enough materials. These products support the spine in an anatomically correct position and help the person to form a normal posture. Wear a preventive corset should be in the early stages of the stoop, when the curvature of the spine has not yet acquired a distinct character.

Very often, preventive corsets prescribed for children and adolescents with a stoop, because these products are very lightweight, comfortable and invisible under clothes. The corset is a great tool, but only with his help can not achieve the desired results. You should regularly do exercises to improve posture and correct way of life: sometimes it is enough to organize a sleeping place and reduce the time spent in front of a computer.

Correction of stooped posture with rigid back brace

If a person is observed weakness of the muscles of the back or severe deformation of the spine, will require a rigid corset. In contrast to prophylactic, it is equipped with reinforcement ribs and inserts of plastic, which when worn is located on both sides of the spine. Medical corset is selected by the doctor after thorough diagnosis of the spine and muscles of the back. While wearing a corset puts pressure" on a specific area of the spine and thereby aligns the curvature. Orthopedic fixator is worn intermittently for a limited period since long-wearing leads to further weakening of muscle tone.

When you choose any corset requires knowledge of the anatomical parameters and the mandatory fitting. Remember that properly selected retainer should not RUB under the armpits, pull the waist and the freedom of movement.
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