How long after surgery need to wear compression underwear

A compression garment after plastic surgery maintains optimum pressure in the tissues and organs, promotes blood circulation, prevents the appearance of bruises, swelling. It provides a massage effect, promotes rapid healing of sutures, polishing scars, and helps to restore muscle tone. Usually a compression garment is worn on the patient after the mammoplasty, liposuction.

Wearing compression underwear is very important, as it determines the result of the operation. After mammoplasty need to wear compression bust, after liposuction, abdominoplasty need a bandage, body, panties. During the first two weeks they will need to go around the clock. On average, the compression garment should not be used less than a month. The duration of wearing it after the plastic is determined by the doctor since it will depend on the type of surgery, severity and complexity, as well as the kind of Laundry. During the whole period of use should be seen by a doctor. After failure from compressive underwear is right for one month to use the "delicate" underwear (pitted, anatomical).
Be sure to wear compression underwear before Jogging, fitness, jumping.

How to choose compression

Compression underwear is made from breathable fabric. Its natural fibers are intertwined to the special porous viscous, as a result, the body provides optimum humidity and temperature. This lingerie perfectly transmits oxygen and does not restrict movement. It is convenient when visiting the soul, as to remove no need. A compression garment must be hypoallergenic, comfortable, breathable, invisible under clothes, affecting the appearance of swelling and bruising, not constricting the blood vessels. It must exactly match the size of the body.
Underwear need to provide gentle care: it is washable by hand and baby soap, no more than once a week.

Modern compression garments after liposuction is available, considering all areas of the operation: outer, inner thighs, knees, calves, abdomen, lumbar region, shoulders, waist, cheeks, chin. For convenience, linen of all kinds is fastened by means of hooks that are sewn in several rows. This enables adjustment of the degree of compression to the operated areas. Find the right size helps the surgeon, because in this case it is necessary to take into account the swelling that appear after surgery. Linen must be changed as reduce puffiness.