Advice 1: How much you need to wear a compression garment

Plastic surgery (liposuction, breast surgery etc.) cause tissue injury, scarring and swelling. To provide the body rest and avoid divergence of seams in the postoperative period it is recommended to wear special compression underwear.
How much you need to wear a compression garment

How long after surgery need to wear compression underwear

A compression garment after plastic surgery maintains optimum pressure in the tissues and organs, promotes blood circulation, prevents the appearance of bruises, swelling. It provides a massage effect, promotes rapid healing of sutures, polishing scars, and helps to restore muscle tone. Usually a compression garment is worn on the patient after the mammoplasty, liposuction.

Wearing compression underwear is very important, as it determines the result of the operation. After mammoplasty need to wear compression bust, after liposuction, abdominoplasty need a bandage, body, panties. During the first two weeks they will need to go around the clock. On average, the compression garment should not be used less than a month. The duration of wearing it after the plastic is determined by the doctor since it will depend on the type of surgery, severity and complexity, as well as the kind of Laundry. During the whole period of use should be seen by a doctor. After failure from compressive underwear is right for one month to use the "delicate" underwear (pitted, anatomical).
Be sure to wear compression underwear before Jogging, fitness, jumping.

How to choose compression

Compression underwear is made from breathable fabric. Its natural fibers are intertwined to the special porous viscous, as a result, the body provides optimum humidity and temperature. This lingerie perfectly transmits oxygen and does not restrict movement. It is convenient when visiting the soul, as to remove no need. A compression garment must be hypoallergenic, comfortable, breathable, invisible under clothes, affecting the appearance of swelling and bruising, not constricting the blood vessels. It must exactly match the size of the body.
Underwear need to provide gentle care: it is washable by hand and baby soap, no more than once a week.

Modern compression garments after liposuction is available, considering all areas of the operation: outer, inner thighs, knees, calves, abdomen, lumbar region, shoulders, waist, cheeks, chin. For convenience, linen of all kinds is fastened by means of hooks that are sewn in several rows. This enables adjustment of the degree of compression to the operated areas. Find the right size helps the surgeon, because in this case it is necessary to take into account the swelling that appear after surgery. Linen must be changed as reduce puffiness.

Advice 2: Why do I need compression stockings

Protect legs from fatigue and varicose veins will help special stockings that have a therapeutic effect. Compression stockings used by both women and men, not only for treatment but also for preventive purposes.
Why do I need compression stockings
Compression stockings allow you to resist the development of varicose veins. It's a nasty disease does not spare people of different ages. In addition, special stockings help to reduce the load on the legs that will be the best solution for those who have the most time to spend sitting.

To prescribe compression stockings for the treatment or prevention of a doctor-phlebologist. Indications for wearing special tights may be the presence of edema, vascular "asterisks". Proper compression helps relieve tired legs, reduce the risk of blood clots, damage to the capillaries. Elastic stockings also visually hide imperfections, leveling uneven, this lingerie makes the legs more slender.
To purchase compression stockings is necessary only in a specialty store or pharmacy.

What are compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings can you start your own, if you often sit in the posture "foot to foot". It causes poor circulation, which in the future could lead to significant varicose veins. Compression garments are often prescribed to pregnant women to prevent edema. The purpose of stockings is the norm after surgery. Wearing stockings is necessary and people who are genetically located to varicose veins.

Stockings with healing effect is made from dense elastic material. So they well fit the foot, providing the necessary tone. The fabric may consist of threads of cotton, rubber, microfiber or lycra. Distinguish and products with silicone inserts, you can choose them to make it easier to wear stockings.

Special material compression tights designed to improve circulation. This fabric is hypoallergenic, it is great stretches and quickly restores its original shape, size. So with careful wear compression underwear is able to last for a long time. Soft enough compressor material does not cause skin peeling, itching, irritation.

How to choose compression stockings

When you select compression underwear you need to look at their class. This mandatory marking must be indicated on the packaging. But to know which class of compression is most suitable to you, you need a phlebologist. There are four categories.
Compression stockings are not marked in the day, the abbreviation mm Hg with digital value on the package indicates compression of medical linen.

Wearing compression stockings you need to constantly, give rest to the feet only at night. How many hours to stay in the stockings? Up to you, focusing on your own sense of comfort. So buy the most comfortable underwear. It is important to choose the correct size, a special knit as tightly as possible puts pressure on the ankles and legs, 70% - on his knees, a 40 in the hips.
You can purchase compression stockings of a certain colour, pattern or decorative trim. The degree of transparency of the material can also vary.

Advice 3: How to wear compression stockings

Varicose veins unfortunately is not a rare disease. Often to treatment, the doctor may recommend wearing special support underwear. But to, for example, to wear and to wear compression stockings, you need to know and follow a few guidelines.
How to wear compression stockings
The best time to wear compression stockings, is the morning. Yet no sooner had the swelling and the wearing of support tights will contribute to their prevention. Your feet should always be dry. In order for the compression stockings easier to put on or take off, use rubber gloves, especially because they risk to damage the elastic tissue is greatly reduced.
If you have compression stockings have an open toe, a first foot is better to wear a special sock made of silk. Then hands in rubber gloves you need to pull the stocking on the heel. In any case, do not pull on its top edge. Better to collect it with your hands and gently spread over the leg, to the knee, the stocking should not overturn. Be sure to avoid folds. After this stocking to pull on the thigh. Then pull the silk sock, grasping it for Lysacek.
Now check the correct fit of the stocking. The upper edge of it should be placed at mid-thigh, or it needs to be stretched to his groin.
To remove compression stockings there is also a need using the rubber gloves. You need to take a stocking from the top end and remove it from legs, twisting at the same time.
Support stockings can be worn all day. At night they must be removed. This lingerie can be worn not only to achieve a therapeutic effect, but also in the prevention of varicose veins. First of all, it is recommended for people who spend a lot of time standing because of their professions: hairdressers, teachers, flight attendants, and athletes during weight training. In the summer it is not recommended to wear compression stockings for a long time, as in hot weather, they feel uncomfortable.

Advice 4: How to put on compression stockings

Unfortunately, venous disease is widely spread. The use of compression underwear is a universal method of the treatment of venous diseases and preventing their complications. Correct wearing compression stockings will provide the necessary pressure mode on the surface of the feet and normalizes the blood flow.
How to put on compression stockings
You will need
  • - compression stockings;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - silk socks
To wear a compression garment is recommended in the morning, directly after waking up. At this time, the feet no swelling, and wearing support stockings will help to avoid their occurrence. If you wear stockings just does not work, before using the linen you must take a horizontal position and lie down for 20 minutes.
Off bracelets and rings - they can ruin the stockings. Long nails can also damage the product. In order to avoid this, wear rubber gloves. In addition, the use of gloves will prevent the occurrence of diseases of the thumb, which can arise from daily dressing over gauze dressings.
Take the sock, turn it inside out and put on the hand. Pinch the toe of the product and wrap it to the inside of the heel part.
Remove the stocking with your hands and hold it so that the heel of a product was sent to you. Pull the twisted part on foot, to the middle. Catch the stocking and gently pull it to the heel with both hands.
Pull the twisted side to the ankle. Carefully straighten the foot using your thumbs.
Wear stockings to the knee and turn it on the front side. Gently, using your thumbs, push the appliance on the hip. Thoroughly smooth all the creases.
Pull the sock products, freeing the thumb. Make sure that the knitwear is distributed evenly on the leg.
To wear compression stockings open toe are advised to use silk socks. They are, as a rule, included in the package. Remove the sock can be pulling its front part.
Wearing the compression garment is in all day. To remove the appliance only before bedtime.
For withdrawal it is also recommended to use rubber gloves. Grasp with both hands the upper edge of the product and, twisting him inside out, pull with the legs. To remove the stocking with the heel, slide your hand inside the unit.

Advice 5: How to choose compression hosiery

For patients with varicose vein disease of lower limbs and chronic venous insufficiency compression therapy is key in treatment. The right choice of compression hosiery can help the patient to relieve his suffering and to relieve discomfort.
How to choose compression hosiery
Compression stockings are special underwear (stockings, pantyhose, knee), which creates an external pressure on the tissues of the feet. This pressure is like a "second skin" does not allow the veins to expand and facilitates the contraction of varicose veins, elimination of venous stagnation and acceleration of blood flow. Wearing compression underwear improves the flow of blood to the heart, causing swelling disappear, is reduced or even disappears fatigue and heaviness in the legs. Elastic compression significantly improves the supply of blood, skin, constant massage effect accelerates the metabolism.
Do not assign yourself wearing compression stockings, knee-length socks or tights - it writes out only by a doctor. Visit a specialist, he will determine the stage of the disease and on the basis of its features and character, individually pick up the necessary degree of compression. View compression Jersey (tights, socks, stockings) are selected by the doctor depending on the region, susceptible to the disease.
The knee is assigned when varicose diseases of the leg, as well as in the rehabilitation period after operations on the veins, and removal of sutures. Stockings are recommended for diseases of the veins, concentrated in the knee or in the thigh. The stocking clasps and stockings of compression class III assigned after suffering a thrombosis.
When you buy compression knitwear, pay attention to the following special marks on the packaging.Breathable effect. Fabric (cotton, rubber, lactogen), which is made a compression garment should be air-permeable. This is necessary in order to keep your feet dry. If stockings, socks or tights made from other materials, should not buy such products.Antimicrobial effect and hypoallergenicity. It prevents unpleasant smell.
Remove the product, inspect and touch him, check on the elasticity and defects (e.g., leads). Knitwear should be soft to the touch, good stretch in length and width. Buy the product fit exactly your size.
A quality compression garment must conform to the standard RAL-GZ 387, regulating the compressive properties strength, elasticity, material composition, packaging requirements and labeling.
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