After cesarean section can be worn afterthe operating bandage pant. To wear it should be on the second day after surgery. It will not only help to tighten the skin on the abdomen, but also greatly facilitate walking and child care. Particularly relevant bandage after cesarean section becomes when the bandage, the plaster removed, and the seam need to cover a clean diaper. To keep the child to keep the diaper on the seam and another to go (for example, for weighing child) is problematic. In afteroperating period of the band , there is also a psychological function: it seems that it "helps" the seam that holds the stomach.
After natural childbirth, the best choice would be a bandage in the form of a belt, not a pants band. The reason is, the gasket is not properly "close" the vagina, the necessary free access of air. When a woman lies down, panties with padding best to remove to highlight calmly flowed (convenient in this case to use disposable diapers). Men's jockstrap in this situation will create adverse "greenhouse effect" and can cause (along with other factors) afterbirthcomplications th. Wear the waistband after childbirth beginning with the first day.
Like clothing, brace-belt and bracepant is size. To belts attached to a special table on which you can calculate the size that is ideal to the expectant mother. The bandages pant size corresponds to the usual size underwear. If during childbirth weight gain in women was in the normal range, you can choose the size that corresponds to thedeliveryof WMD. If weight gain is large, it is better to choose clothes a size larger.
When lochia (uterine discharge) ends, the brace can be replaced pants uticaj. Wear a bandage or strap should be within 4-6 weeks after childbirth. This taking care of yourself helps you to cope with problems such as saggy belly and stretch marks on the skin.