Pay attention to the fact that the brace is a special medical device designed to support the growing tummy of a pregnant women, preventing the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. In addition while wearing the brace, the fetus is within the uterus in the correct position, and the baby feels relaxed and comfortable. In late pregnancy bandage prevents premature dropping of fruit.
Important and a major function of the brace is to support the spine and the redistribution of the burden on the waist of the expectant mommy. Therefore, the use of this device helps to avoid pain in the back and abdomen while walking and prolonged standing.
Keep in mind that the best time to start wearing a brace — the fourth month of pregnancy. The baby begins to actively grow, and the belly of the woman to increase. To wear a bandage, since that time, up to the birth. The main thing is to listen to your own feelings and behavior of the fetus.
Properly put on a bandage. Compression or squashing of the abdominal cavity is unacceptable. Most often, the gynecologist or the nurse to help and show the woman how to wear the device for support of the abdomen. In addition, the packaging is always accompanied by instructions, so please check it before you start wearing the brace. A sense of comfort while wearing prenatal bandage is necessary. There should be no discomfort.
Please note that to wear the brace continuously during the day is unacceptable. Don't forget that without a break you can stay in the fixture no more than 3 hours. Followed by at least 40 minutes to rest from it.
At the pharmacy you can see several different models of rims. If you feel uncomfortable in the purchased product, try to try on a brace of another style and find the appropriate option for you.
There are a number of indications for mandatory use of the bandage during pregnancy. It is a threat of miscarriage, multiple pregnancy women, low back pain and frequent low back pain and varicose veins in the legs.