You will need
  • Record masters of rap
Work on diction.

Even if you do not notice the defects of speech, does not mean that you do not. Of course, there are rappers who made the wrong pronunciation of some sounds is a signature part of his style of rap. But how many will be able to repeat it? Much better to make your pronunciation perfect, worsen the diction is never too late, so if you need to do in order expressiveness.

So ask the opinions of others about your pronunciation, consult a speech therapist.
Learn and read as much as possible rhymes.

The ability of a rapper quick to say complicated phrases is an integral parameter of the skill. Say the tongue twisters slowly at first, only gradually accelerate. Remember that the point is not in the rapid pronunciation, and in correct and precise.
Read the under write the best rappers. It's not the best way to work out their own unique tone, but well developed sense of rhythm and understanding of the rhythm of the text.
Your REP should be powerful. If you read quietly and indistinctly, no the best microphone will not correct the situation. Therefore, work on the breath. In General, it is best to make a professional voice training. This will help you to singing lessons or a course of elocution. Stage speech and generally acting very important for the rapper. Not only do they condense the sound of a voice, but also help to develop the ability to work in a way.
If the opportunity to attend such courses you do not, themselves, practice the proper breathing. Powerful sound is obtained only when made after a proper deep breath. When you inhale try to keep the air passing to the bottom of the lung, thereby filling them completely. To do this, breathe "belly" - when you inhale as if to inflate the abdomen, then the diaphragm will drop, the useful volume of the thorax increases.
No need to shout to get great sound. Most sound power is born as a result of deep the correct breathing and resonance in the body of the performer. Bundles with it is no need to be tense.