All you need to create the text for inspiration, pen and paper. Tune in for the relevant wave, make sure you have no distractions, and no one will interfere. Think about what you want to write and what topic should be your text.
Fill your idea of meaning – the meaning must be felt throughout the text. Meaning future songs need to decorate rhymes – for starters you can do some sketches without rhyme, and then to adapt them in a poetic version.
Rhymes must be original, not hackneyed, and in any case not banal. Use the get rid of too simple and simulated rhymes ("rose-cold").
In an interesting text should not be obvious rhymes. Rhyme texts difficult and unusual – perhaps for the first time you have to spend a lot of effort, but the result will reward you handsomely.
Verse from a rap text can be quite varied, spontaneous and chaotic. The rhyme you can choose classical string one or string two, and the more original option when every line rhymes multiple words with each other. You can also put a rhyme using the word.
After you build your rhymes critical work through your text – make it prettier and neater, fix and rewrite some bad combinations, replace the words, clean rhymes. This will help to create a good first text.