Listen to different performers. It often happens that music start to do only under the influence of the only idol, which explains the wave of street rapand that flooded the social network with the advent of the popularity of the group "Center". The main drawback of such creativity that it is only a copy and does not bear any value. Try, before you start to write your own, to hear the creativity of a maximum number of performers you will see how different the rap can be read (compare a group of "Bricks" with "Krec").
Avoid using famous instrumentals. Probably not such a rapEPA, who once would not have written the song under the "minus "Stan" or "Sing for the Moment". However nothing good about this trend no – holding-famous composition, you will force the listener to compare themselves with the original, and the choice is clearly not in your favor. So try to look for more rare and nezaezzhennaya ringtones – fortunately, on the Internet a huge number of them.
Monitor the quality of verse and rhyme. There are many options for building rap-texts, and the choice is due not only to the specific composition and character of the musician as a whole. For example, participants of group "the Caste" always try to use chetyrehosnuju the rhyme: i.e., two rows have 4 harmonies. "I'm a fifth element multi pass, Dallas Korban! / - You are either a COP, or Bob - popcorn vendor" ("Broom"). But Noize MC prefers rhyme "a-a-a-a, i.e., rhyming is not a pair of strings, and the whole quatrains.
Try to come up with punchy. It means "talking quotes", to be able to make this line to be out of context of the song and show your friends. It can be as high-quality rhymes (the above "Broom" consists entirely unrelated punch), and some philosophical and beautiful wash ("He wanted to love freedom, but I didn't know what that means").