Advice 1: How to read the beatbox

Heard an interesting composition, it is difficult to believe that she performed without musical instruments. The singers use a technique such as beatbox, i.e. the imitation of the voice. To learn with a strong desire and diligence everyone can.
How to read the beatbox
You will need
  • - Video tutorials;
  • - beatboxer;
  • - special literature;
  • music.
As with any business, the beatbox starts with a theory. You should know what the basic sounds are in beatboxE. there are only three. The entire melody is based on the combinations (bits) these sounds are played in different techniques. The first sound is a kick drum (in other words, it is called kik, a barrel), imitating a large drum. It is denoted by the Latin letter B. the Second sound – hi-hat or a hat similar to the sound of the cymbals in the drum set. He is recorded as T. the Third sound - classic snare or simply sner, repeats the sound of a small drum and corresponds to the combination of pff (found the option psh).
To kick, you need one only lips to say "B". Exhale sharply and strongly. Learn to breathe correctly to be able to do bits on the exhale, and no pause between them.
Hate are divided into closed (soft lips say "TS" or "t"), open (K, "C"/"t" add "CCC") and fast (not using voice, just say the combination of the open hat and the sound "K").
Snare – more complex sounds. They also have several types. In order to make rimshot, widely open your mouth and produce a sound "ka". Following the sound of "pff" is created without a voice. Not strongly inflate the cheeks and lips make a "poof". And finally, the sound of "Kch". Put tongue in position for pronouncing "l". Accumulate the pressure in your mouth as you breathe, but not grasping the air. Sharply exhale.
When you clearly can do basic sounds, begin to pronounce the various bits. Slowly at first, gradually increase the pace, but clearly keep the beat. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, set your metronome. But if you make a mistake, don't stop, keep going a bit.
Mix and match the sounds to the bits of eight sounds. You can find a lot of literature and video tutorials to the basic bitwise combination, but an impromptu beatboxe is welcome.
More listen beatboxjers and exercise alone. Repeat the proposed combination or try to shift to beatbox any ringtone.
When you can at a good pace and rhythm to create bats, try adding them for a variety of other sounds – the violin, echo, drops and so on.

Advice 2 : How to learn to beatbox

Beatbox is an art of imitation of musical instruments (bass, drums, scratches, wind and string instruments and various sound effects with human mouth. It can include singing and imitation of the work with turntables. It is quite a complex skill that is gaining momentum around the world.
How to learn to beatbox
Learn how to beatbox you can, however, have to put a lot of effort and devote a lot of time training.
The basic sounds of beatbox:
classic kick: you can say that this is the sound "Boom" - less voices in the strongly compressed lips. In bit is denoted by the letter "b".
hi-hat: this is the sound "Shh", and variations that sound great variety. In bit is usually labeled "hi-hat"
snare drum (sner): this is the sound "Diss", it is necessary to try to make loud and clear. In a bit the sound is denoted by "Tsh".
Having dealt with the sounds and focusing on working out enough time, start to build a bit. In one cycle usually 8 sounds (professionals put 16 sounds). Start slowly and gradually gaining momentum: B t t B Tsh Tsh t...the combination is repeated.
The most important rule is do not feel embarrassment and do not hesitate yourself! Of course, at first sounds will sound strange and even ridiculous. Don't be discouraged and keep training. You can include hip hop and tap the rhythm along with the music.
Try not to overexert yourself if the throat is still sore, drink some hot tea and take a short break.
Having mastered the basic sounds, start learning new challenging bits, for example:
handclap snare: denoted by "K". attach the sides of the tongue close to the sky, quickly make a short exhalation through the mouth so that the air stream passed through any hole on the side between the tongue and palate. For example, Pf Bm Bm t t Bm BBm Bm Pf t Pf t Pf t t Bm.
If the sounds fit together, this means that you need to say them without a pause.
Beatbox is an entertaining technique of imitation of musical sounds using the vocal apparatus. That is, the result is a true "one man band" and that without the aid of any tools. If you are fond of hip hop or just love all the original, then it is useful to know how to learn beatbox.
Useful advice
How to learn beatbox. What is the beatbox? How to learn this art? Let's understand this in more detail. Say beatbox everyone can learn, only if you want. There are many video lessons, in other words, video instructions, and after reviewing in detail once learned, you can learn the basics of beatbox.

Advice 3 : How to learn to read beatbox

Beatbox or beatboxing – one of the directions of the youth subculture, based on playing and imitation of rhythmic patterns and melodies using exclusively the possibility of their own vocal apparatus. Among connoisseurs beatbox revered as the "fifth element" of hip-hop culture, most often used for accompaniment in the respective compositions.
How to learn to read beatbox
If you want to get a better idea about the beatbox, it is best to listen to on the Internet one of the songs performed by international artists – Tom Thum, Slizzer, ZeDe or domestic - Bitola, Vakhtang Kalandadze, Badge. So, in the opinion of professionals beatbox, its "alphabet" consists of only three sounds – classic kick (kik) hi-hat (hat) and snare drum (rimshot). To get the sound of "kik", try to pronounce our native b mouths, without the help of the voice. This sound is denoted by the Latin "V".
The easiest sound – het. Say gently, "C" or "t" without using the voice. If it is, label it as "t". Rimshot, its sound is reminiscent of a blow to the rim of the drum. It consists of the letter "K" you should say, using only the throat without a voice. While my mouth open as wide as possible. This will facilitate your efforts and "K" sounds much better. On the "scores" of beatboxing, rimshot marked with letters "Ka".
And now you can move on to the main bit, a range of beatboxing. It looks like this: B t t B t Ka Ka t. Pronounce these sounds until then until you feel the result. If felt, try the other options offered in the Internet abound.
And here are some examples of sounds are also used in the beatbox. To complete oscillatio lips (Bww) connect your lips together and exhale through the air, while not relaxing his lips. Then try to run closed hi-tet (t), for which the tongue rest against the front lower teeth, as in pronouncing the letter "t" (something between "t" and "C").
And now to what happened, add a long "s" and you get the open hi-tet (tss). To pronounce the sound handclap (kch) press your tongue to the upper palate and make sharp intake of breath. Techno-kick (g) resembles the swallowing sound. You should strain your throat and pronounce a long sound of "u" with the mouth closed.
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