You will need
  • - Video tutorials;
  • - beatboxer;
  • - special literature;
  • music.
As with any business, the beatbox starts with a theory. You should know what the basic sounds are in beatboxE. there are only three. The entire melody is based on the combinations (bits) these sounds are played in different techniques. The first sound is a kick drum (in other words, it is called kik, a barrel), imitating a large drum. It is denoted by the Latin letter B. the Second sound – hi-hat or a hat similar to the sound of the cymbals in the drum set. He is recorded as T. the Third sound - classic snare or simply sner, repeats the sound of a small drum and corresponds to the combination of pff (found the option psh).
To kick, you need one only lips to say "B". Exhale sharply and strongly. Learn to breathe correctly to be able to do bits on the exhale, and no pause between them.
Hate are divided into closed (soft lips say "TS" or "t"), open (K, "C"/"t" add "CCC") and fast (not using voice, just say the combination of the open hat and the sound "K").
Snare – more complex sounds. They also have several types. In order to make rimshot, widely open your mouth and produce a sound "ka". Following the sound of "pff" is created without a voice. Not strongly inflate the cheeks and lips make a "poof". And finally, the sound of "Kch". Put tongue in position for pronouncing "l". Accumulate the pressure in your mouth as you breathe, but not grasping the air. Sharply exhale.
When you clearly can do basic sounds, begin to pronounce the various bits. Slowly at first, gradually increase the pace, but clearly keep the beat. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, set your metronome. But if you make a mistake, don't stop, keep going a bit.
Mix and match the sounds to the bits of eight sounds. You can find a lot of literature and video tutorials to the basic bitwise combination, but an impromptu beatboxe is welcome.
More listen beatboxjers and exercise alone. Repeat the proposed combination or try to shift to beatbox any ringtone.
When you can at a good pace and rhythm to create bats, try adding them for a variety of other sounds – the violin, echo, drops and so on.