You will need
  • Microphone, computer, software autosequencer.
Before you begin to compose text, you should take care to study the basics. Read news about hip-hop culture, read its history, ideology. Listen to the recording and read the texts of those who stood at the origins.
Read as much poetry and literature in General. Do not think that it is possible to write a good text with a minimal set of words. Good rap-text is always original, it is not banal rhymes and hackneyed phrases. Therefore, to develop vocabulary with the help of good books. While reading classical poetry with time will develop in you the ability to easily find rhymes to their lines.
Learn the basics of versification. This will help you any book in literature, or in the extreme case, a school textbook. Perhaps you do not have to learn on the fly to distinguish iambic from trochaic, but to know what is it all worth it. It is also important to learn the different ways of rhyming in rap is very important.
Start creating your text when you feel the need to say something. Remember, in any art form is an important goal – something for which you actually create your work. Determine what, who and why you want to report. Formulate the main ideas of his message in the form of brief abstracts on paper. There also append the most interesting images, born you have in mind in connection with the selected subject.
Start to rhyme. From any location. Try to keep the process flowed naturally. At the same time avoid obvious rhymes, banal expressions. But don't overload the text abstruse phrases. Everything should be in moderation.

Do not forget that the rhythm in the rap text is repelled by the tone, respectively, the lengths of the rows can be different, consistent rhyme may be replaced by cross, etc.

At this stage it is useful to begin to create a bit. First, though simple, just to make you feel the internal order of the composition.
To create bit use software audioconsole. It is best to create all your bits, but may use at first a bit looped samples, of which plenty can be found on the Internet.
When your composition has acquired a shape close to finished, think of what you can give her originality. Maybe in the process you had a beautiful melodic chorus? Or bit inspired you to write a Groovy bass track? However, forget about the bass in any case not worth it.
Decorate your track noise and melodic samples. But do not overdo it with noise. Try to compose your own melody line that will sound in the background of your text. Use other people's samples only if you cannot create something of their own, or in the case when this is due to the design of the composition.
Work on diction. If you have problems with pronunciation, visit a speech therapist. Sign up for acting classes, if you have the opportunity. Lessons in elocution will teach you proper and powerful submission in the performance.