As in any other case, in such exercises an important regularity. If you started to learn to rap, don't stop – continue to read the text as long as possible. Thanks to the practice you will be able to improve their skills.
Maybe at first you will be able to easily and quickly write the word on the go and especially to rhyme them and make the text rhythmic, but with time you will feel that you can more easily way with words, verbalizing your feelings, thoughts and events happening around them.
In the process of learning not to try to come up with the rhymes beforehand – so it will be easier to work with. Rhymes come the author gradually – at first, it is important for you to learn how to recite adequate and rhythmic recitative.
Try to remember that invented on-the-go texts and record them to continue to practice on already written texts, as well as to track changes in their own creativity and their skills to make beautiful and rhythmic rap.
Initially do not worry about specific themes for his lyrics, read the rap that surrounds you in everyday life, use word play, metaphors, talking about what is happening around you and also about current events that relate to many people.
Don't stop during training – even if you are going to make mistakes and be ashamed of their own language, keep talking and soon you will notice how the rhymes and rhythms will appear by themselves in your texts.
It is also useful to listen to other freestylers, partly to learn from the way they read and listen to how they are in the texts and formulate thoughts.
Learn to recite poems, improvising and composing on the go, difficult, but not impossible – to tell stories as often as possible, feel free to improvise both alone and with other freestylers, sharing their experience. The performances in the freestyle round is very important for further developments of your skill.
It is also important to learn how to breathe correctly so as not to choke and not to lose the rhythm during a long recitative. Learn tongue twisters, practice diction, improve lung strength.