To learn how to write rap, start listening and watching how others do it. Analyze a song: structure, characteristics of each part, the instruments used, the song, everything matters.
Try to write the text of a rap song. To make his task easier, remember: the poetry of rap used size metrics tonic – accentual verse. In this dimension between the two shock syllables can accommodate three or more unstressed, and the number of accented syllables in the line are practically unlimited. Follow the form: each stanza will match the solo and the chorus of the song. Keep and use throughout the poem the same kind of rhyme: exact, approximate, or blank verse. A mixture of types, with rare exceptions, creates a negative impression.
Record music and voice (instrumental accompaniment for a song without a voice called, "minus"). The tools are written in this order: drums, bass, supporting voices, solo instruments, voice. In the solo, usually used only the rhythm section (drums and bass, seldom, Yes), in the chorus you can use the whole range, also add singing (original listen to Opera and folk singing, but is more often used pop).
Keep the rap song. At this stage of music burayda noise, adjusting volume, corrected false voice, add effects. Rap ready.