You will need
  • a sheet of paper, pen, video with famous rap artist
Remember that to achieve goals you have worked long and hard to train is one of the basic rules. Try to write lyrics every day, practice at the first opportunity. Chat with friends on social networks, using known techniques, write texts in the subway (on the way to school, to University, on a date).
Consider the fact that, initially, can be really difficult. The main thing - do not throw begun, having suffered one setback. Listen to famous singers, to learn from their work, those pieces of the puzzle, which you need to understand the holistic picture of the process of writing the hidden text (but not imitate everything, because you must develop your own style).
When writing a rap text, keep in mind that it must be the meaning, rhythm and, of course, rhyme. It is important that the emphasis was placed equally on each of the components. The more unusual and original rhymes you use, the better.
A standard verse in rapmust consist of even number of rows (usually not less than sixteen) and four squares (or quatrains). Observe this condition in their creative process. But the chorus you can write any (usually it is one or two squares, at least – a few words).
Write textsusing a variety of rhymes: adjacent, cross, ring, single, mixed (or woven). Related rhymes is rapjers most popular. However, if skillfully use other text will be more bright and expressive.
Writing "raw" text, put it on a bit, in order to understand what need to modify and what to leave unchanged. Start writing with the easiest. The first time the masterpiece you're unlikely to create, but mastering all the techniques step by step, you will succeed!