When reading the freestyleand always start with simple. Do not try immediately all the phrases to rhyme. Just start talking recitative. In the process of speaking it acquires the dimension, and then appears, and a simple rhyming. Most importantly, do not stop and continue to talk. Do not pay attention to what you say. After all, at this stage is important, not the meaning, but time. Read as much as possible. And shouldn't dwell on mistakes - at the moment of reading the freestyleand they can arise very much. Often freestyleers are expressed obscenely, but it also has the right to life.
Once you will get into a rhythm, think about your rhymes. But do it without interrupting the recitative. In order to be able simultaneously to speak and to think over skladnosti his speech, need rich experience in public speaking. Plus, it is desirable to be able to write poems, to have an idea about the rhyme.
The easiest way to read a freestyle about the things that are around. Take a look around. Certainly in my head at once there are a number of associations. Here's to them and work. And remember that to stop reading is impossible. This paragraph applies recitative on the theme of current events in your country or the world. The subject of freestyleand can serve anything. Besides all of what is happening around you and can be easily transferred by using metaphors.
If you are in the circle (when multiple parties compete in the skill), it is much more interesting. First, there is scope for creativity - you never know whose improvisation you will need to add your own. Second, it helps to create a collective, original creative product, the uniqueness of 100%. When reading the freestyleand in the group obey rules. Think over all his improvisation in advance, until the other party performs. To do this, try to capture the essence of what he reads (so not much to break out of the overall context) and begin to build up in mind a little plan of his solo performances. This will help you not to lose face in front of other participants.
And, of course, constant practice at home you only help. Practice your skills wherever you can. And then no one better than you to read the freestyle will not.