Be aware that the service of the traffic police unit are accepted citizens of the Russian Federation from 18 to 35 years, served in the Russian army. You must have completed at least secondary vocational, although higher is welcome (including a military Department), to be fit state of health and capable in his personal and professional qualities to perform assigned duties. If you have been convicted or tried by your close relatives, you definitely will not accept the service.
Refer to the territorial division of traffic police with the statement for consideration of your candidacy for employment.
Remember that you should definitely have a driving certificate for driving a vehicle of category "b" and "C" and to have good driving skills.
Pass the medical examination (military-medical Commission). You should not have chronic diseases. Very well, if you have achievements in sports.
Pass the test of professional competence, which includes assessing the psychological balance of the candidate.
Get a positive response at the place of residence of his police commissioners.
Be aware that the reason for the denial of employment can become willful violation by the candidate of the SDA (traffic rules), which are recorded in the electronic database of traffic police.
Remember that when applying for a. skills proficiency with computers, and for inspectors of traffic police are required.
Now, armed with this knowledge, you can safely try to get a job in the traffic police. It is clear that it is useful to seek support in the face of "Almighty wizard". Good luck to you!