You will need
  • press;
  • - the Internet.
Papatites to apply for any short service with minimal payment. The main objective in this case – to the appropriate line in the summary and additional recommendations, as potential employers often make inquiries about candidates from the previous chiefs. If your former boss will speak about you positively, it can play a crucial role even in the absence of experience.
Try to show their best side at school or on previous work, even if it has nothing to do with driving. Responsibility, diligence, high working efficiency are valued less than the ability to drive a car. Use every opportunity to document their successes. This may be a record in the personal file or employment record, certificate of merit, certificate of professional development.
How can you better learn the city or the region in which is going to work. Knowledge of the roads and the best ways travel – your clear advantage. Topographic train your memory, try to be organized and be ready for operation by the driver.
Make a good summary. Set the whole experience, education, additional skills, personal qualities. Send it according to the available vacancies, and after a while call the managers and ask whether your summary.
Try to seek a personal meeting with the decision maker on hiring staff. Very often enterprise managers are looking for drivers based on their personal qualities: appearance, reliability, restraint, diligence, punctuality. It is possible that in the presence of such characteristics is the lack of driving experience will depart on the second plan.