You will need
  • - 2 photos;
  • - passport;
  • - photocopy of passport
But not everyone is willing to get the title of freelancer because of greed. Although it is not in Vogue the concept of "conscience", "honor", "to give back to the state" to "assist law enforcement", but still there are such people, ready to help the law on a voluntary basis. In the initial phase, they must obtain a certificate of freelancer.
Write a statement to the chief (of police, divisional commissioners, fisheries) request for acceptance of the applicant in freelance staff.
Fill in personal data when an affirmative resolution on the permit. In no case can the questionnaire provide the wrong information, because all data is verified and validated through the visitor centre.
Prepare your performance on the job. After checking the questionnaire and the positive response, bring it to the division supervisor who wrote the statement. In the feature should be painted that the applicant has never violated traffic rules, know the technical characteristics of vehicles, promotes a healthy lifestyle, etc., depending on what the freelancer a written statement (traffic police, divisional commissioners, fisheries).
Prepare 2 photographs, original and photocopy of the passport. All documents give the chief of police, from which depends a worthy candidate to receive this honorary title or not. The visa processing time – 1 month.
Take the certificate in the Department of internal Affairs staff, upon presentation of the passport, and his own sign in sheet. The validity of this certificate is 1 year which can be extended by collecting the same documents. If in the liner to the identity will not be made any notes on the work of "freelancers" throughout the year, the renewal certificate may be denied. Mostly the work of such employees is on preventive raids for revealing detention "usedottawa" drivers, etc.