Many people think that stay in the army can suffer just the guys, because there they are a real school of survival, and girls are their way of life. But it is not so! A woman is much more vulnerable and needs continuous emotional intimacy with her man. When this happens, women become depressed and sometimes are unable to cope with the emotional stress. That's why it's so important to use stay your boyfriend in the army with benefits for a relationship and for myself.

Stop irrigating tears the pillow and start acting! Improve yourself - enroll in foreign language courses, start going to the gym, learn to cook new and tasty dishes, sit on a diet, read more, be interested in something new, travel, go to museums, exhibitions. The guy will be happy to see transformed, beautiful and interesting girl who strive to become better.

Do not put yourself on house arrest. It is impossible for a year to sit at home. Meet friends, go to clubs, attend fashion events. The main thing - to watch your behavior and in any case, do not flirt. Of course, mild flirting not prohibited, but all you need to know the measure and not to go beyond the limits of decency. No matter how hard without men's attention and care, don't afford anything superfluous.

Write letters and keep a diary. The guy is happy news from the beloved, so try to write him as often as possible. Tell me everything that's going on, send pictures. This correspondence will survive the separation. A diary is the best cure for boredom. After all, all the accumulated emotions better to trust the paper, not the friends who will not be able to ease your worries. By the way, try to be tactful in relation to others - friends, too, there are problems about which they want to talk.