No material object, and even the most expensive gift will not be as important to recruit in these difficult times for months, as sincere wishes to loved ones, friends, girlfriend. The more original your kind words and wishes will be decorated, the more they will be remembered to the recipient. All depends on the imagination of the performers. You can, for example, to shoot a music video in which every well-wisher will vote separately. Of course, the guy departing the service, it will be very nice to hear words of support and encouragement from the people he cares about. And you can make striking made by hand card, also filled with kind words. Wishes can be issued by typing them on a t-shirt, mug or just a memorable souvenir that you can give a recruit in the army. Get the gift that performs a dual function: practical and memorable.


The girl accompanying the guy in the army, can give him a gift of many things that will remind him of her long evenings. For example, a joint album with photos. It can be an original design and write the back of each photograph what emotion the girl was experiencing at the time of the photo, or just to remember a situation in which it was made. Also guy will be very pleased to receive a letter. Write to her lover the feel and all the emotions that you now lurk in the shower, on a piece of paper. It is advisable to write, not to print - so it will be soulful and sincere. Can present your beloved a notebook, in which he will be able to write what's on his mind, that is to conduct a kind of diary.


A good gift will be a commemorative pendant on a chain, for example, in the shape of a heart. Inside some of them you can put a photo. This is a great gift option for wires. The decoration will remind you of a young man, symbolize love, hope and faith. You can give a wrist watch, which your sweetheart will be able to count down the time before I met you. Most importantly, the gift was made with love and care, reminded him of you and that's all that matters.


Whatever you say, and no one gift for seeing not replace the guy promise his beloved to wait and wait for him. And, of course, the best award for courage for him will be fulfilled the promise.