First of all, on arrival at the part not to withdraw into themselves and "grief". Look around and you will see around a lot of great people, your colleagues with whom pleasant to communicate. Maybe from the crowd of recruits or grandparents you look for their fellow countrymen who will support you the first time. Select people you can trust and those to avoid. It is not necessary to cross from one company to another, it is better to have one reliable and faithful friend than the company of friends, which fills you at the crucial moment.
First time in the army, young soldier, it is better not to stand out from the crowd. Do not immediately declare their incredible talents, for example, that you are a great runner or player. You do not want during exercise to run the distance twice longer than the other, or all night to play grandfathers sincere songs on the guitar? During the first month or two you better blend in and not look for trouble.
During the exercise, and charging, do what you do your mates. Believe me, they too hard to run with such speed through the forest, but they puff and suffer. It is not necessary to fall to the ground with cries of exhaustion and agony. Better slow down and move to the tail for the company, but do not show your weakness. Also, do not show weakness during feeding. Even if you don't have enough soldering, you should not require supplements, because such nejvetsim" grandparents often tapping for excessive appetite.
Write letters home. Regularly send letters to their parents and friends, because to him the army is a real treat. Such psychological support from home is incredibly helpful to young soldiers, so it should not be neglected. However, in letters home not worth it to complain to my mother about all the hardships and privations of army life. Anything to help she can not, and from her pity you will only get worse. Letter is best to write in a positive way - tell us any funny stories from your military life or describe the pleasant moments.