If you decide to send the army to your boyfriend, you have to understand that everything that comes there is in common. Therefore, it is too expensive things not worth buying because they are unlikely to reach its destination. Of the necessary items you can put in a parcel a few pairs of socks, disposable razors, folding scissors, soap, cotton pads and sticks.
In addition, you can buy a thread and needle with large eye (a guy so it will be easier to thread in her thread). Invest in a package a few notebooks, pens and pencils, as boys though the use of the army of phones, still write letters they have. Do not deprive him of such opportunity and complete box clean envelopes. If your man enjoys reading, you can send him a book.
If you decided to give your beloved sweets, prefer dry fruits and chocolates, though there is a probability that your man is they still do not get it. The army is strictly forbidden, any alcoholic beverages, so they are not worth buying. Also, you need to refuse shipment of chewing gum, perishable products, as well as cash and valuables. Remember that your package should not have too much weight. The optimum acceptable weight is from two to three pounds. If you need to send a lot of favorite things, send several small parcels. Legibly print on them the exact address and the name and surname of the person your gift is intended.
Do not think that the army - the wilderness where there are no shops. The soldiers themselves can buy what they need, but the good news in the letter is very pleasant. Send to your beloved a poem, which will create yourself, attach your joint photo and wait for the gratitude of their beloved young man. In addition, you can try to make some small gift with their own hands. Girls sometimes send their men to the army original greeting cards, origami, embroidered with a cross pattern. It all depends on flight of your imagination and your skills. Some guys, being in the army, have the ability to use the Internet via cell phone. In this case, you can send your significant other not only letters written on paper, but messages in social networks, as well as his favorite songs that remind you of your love.