Parents can take care of tasty treats for my son, who has long dreamed of a home kitchen. Find out in advance when talking with the soldier, that he wants to see on the table. Remember all the dishes that he likes, and prepare them. Calculate the quantity of products for all invited guests.
Decorate the house with balloons and posters. After a dismal barracks situation, the soldiers should be among comfort, rich colors and comfortable furniture.
Prepare the camera and camcorder to capture all the memorable moments of a soldier in dress uniform. All men who served in the army, I love it when they go back home matured and tempered by military training.
Friends of the soldier is to introduce him with new entertainment options in the city. If possible, take a day or more for more extreme events. Let the soldiers returning from the army, will demonstrate the class in skydiving, paintball.
If a guy loves the outdoors and weather permits, you can go Hiking, taking tents, guitars and meat for barbecue. Fisherman will be delighted to have the opportunity to sit with a fishing rod on the beach and cook fish soup on the fire.
The girl can "steal" a soldier in the family, he also would not oppose such an initiative. You won't stop for a long time, it is better to rent a separate house at the recreation center, where it is possible to hover a young man in the bath and put to bed.
Stock up on movie tickets, concerts, interesting matches at the stadium. The soldier will be interested in all sorts of entertainment, of which he was deprived in the army. But when they met demobilized, it is important not to overdo it with the alcohol that the guy didn't get in trouble.
If relatives and friends who are looking to meet a soldier, very much it costs to rent room in a cafe or restaurant.