Try to meet her boyfriend at the station. The first minute of the meeting after a long separation, are of great importance for both of you. They will forever remain in your memory. The first meeting is always very emotional: you are overwhelmed with emotions, heart is ready to break out of his chest. At this point, he will think only about what his favorite wait. Now you for him not just a beloved girl who wrote letters to the army, and almost the bride for which he will be ready for anything. If you want to tell him words of love and tenderness - do not hesitate, for it is very important. While there was a service that you both know what you say to each other when they first met, but now, when your eyes met, all thoughts messed up. Don't worry, it happens. Most importantly listen to your heart, it will tell you.
Plan your day. Be prepared for the fact that your young man will want you together, visited his parents, went to a meeting with friends. It is very important at this point to show everyone that you are the best that you could wait for him after all this time and keep the feelings. To avoid problems in advance, take the day off from work or atrocities with lectures.
Spend the day together. After endless visits to family and friends, you can finally be alone. For life much has changed, including you. You too long time no see, during this time, changed your Outlook on life, world Outlook. Most importantly - you, as before love each other. They say that the army is a test for the senses. You now have a difficult task - again you will get used to each other, to know what has changed. During the day you can stroll around town at your favorite places with whom you have associated romantic memories. A "journey to the past" will bring you closer together and revive the senses. After the walk you can smoothly go to dinner.
Make a romantic evening unforgettable. Better spend this time at home. Home atmosphere, which he so long dreamed, no doubt, more will a you to communication. Take care of atmosphere: set the table with white tablecloth, decorate it with rose petals, light the candles. Let the background playing romantic music. You have to be perfect: sexy dress, alluring perfume. Excite in him the most pleasant memories. Flirt with each other, say kind words. Don't hesitate of your emotions. How will this evening, depends largely on the evolution the future of your relationship.