Don't try to stand out and become a leader of conscripts and recruits. Better stay in the team. No need to break into small groups. Help each other. So your call will be able to resist starosciak.
Go back to the barracks and stay there the purity. The whole year you will be in this place and do not need to treat him with disgust. But to voluntarily do the cleaning of the toilet is a lot delinquent.
Follow all orders and instructions of superiors, do it clearly and correctly. No need to incur the wrath of the authorities and trouble on his head.
If you hurt those who you can call hot - phone to the military Prosecutor. In the army actively fighting hazing and will not leave your call is unattended.
Do not complain about the leadership of the part in letters to parents or friends. Message check, so make sure that the texts did not contain anything that could get you hurt.
Be friendly and make more friends. Lone in army is very difficult.
Do not order the "grandfathers" who humiliate you and your dignity. These can be requests to wash my socks, clean boots and similar orders. You don't have to do that.
Follow their appearance and hygiene. For untidy, you will receive the orders out of turn, which is always unpleasant. From the purity of the body depends on your health, especially carefully it is necessary to follow the feet. They suffer the army the most.
Learn to wind puttees, not to wash the feet in blood.
Learn the Charter and strictly abide by it, the implementation of its rules will always help in any situations in the army. Contact the commander if you have any serious problem.