These unpleasant feelings arise for different reasons. You may have a hypersensitivity to the material of the socks or Shoe insoles. In this case, you must try to walk with a new insoles and to select socks made of natural fibers.

Fungal diseases of the foot can also cause a burning sensation in the soles of the feet. Burning here will be limited to the area affected by infection. In this case, you need good foot care. Fungus loves dampness, so you should try more often to change shoes, so she had time to dry. After washing your feet you should not forget to thoroughly dry them, leaving the fungus a chance to survive. Of course, you also have the use of various antifungal drugs.

The soles can burn for peripheral neuropathy. This is a serious reason. Mostly this disease occurs in diabetics. Therefore, if the legs are burning for no apparent reason, it is necessary as soon as possible to discuss the problem with your doctor.

In addition, a burning sensation in the soles can be due to vascular pathology of the feet. For an accurate diagnosis you need to consult with a vascular surgeon.

The reason can be cracked heels. Thoroughly inspect the soles and, if necessary, start treatment immediately. The cracks are quite difficult to treat and needs regular treatment and the use of moisturizers.

Sometimes the cause of burning sensation is a lack of vitamins of group B.

Burning pain and redness of the foot appears erythromelalgia. This disease is more common among middle-aged men. It is preceded by overheating of the feet or the forced position of the lower extremities. Pain and burning sensation can be relieved with a cold compress or raising the affected limb up for a while.

If the doctor found no serious problems, you can help yourself by massage, stretching exercises in the morning, baths with sea salt.