Advice 1: Can black people tan

There is a huge misconception that black people have absolutely no risk, while a scorching sun, and the phrase "nigger sunning" even became a kind of short joke. And few people know that skin color is not so much to protect their owners from sunburn, blacks not only sunbathe, but you can even burn.
Can black people tan

As there is a sun

The color is tan human skin gives a coloring substance melanin, produced by the body as protection against ultraviolet radiation. Melanin is formed each person, except maybe albinos. But much depends on belong to the human race. Fair-skinned people melaminovye cells are quite small and have low density. The increase in both parameters makes the skin darker. We can say that Africans melanin is produced in 2 times more than for example Scandinavians.

Dark-skinned people planning a long stay in the sun, it is imperative to use sunscreen.

Dark skin also tans

However, the assertion that black people are better protected from harmful solar radiation and thus absolutely no risk of skin cancer, is fundamentally wrong. Purely visually, the difference between tanned and untanned blacks may not be so noticeable. Moreover, only a small part of the population of African descent can boast a completely black skin color. In the bulk of the color type they varies from dark brown to shade "coffee with milk". And if the European and the African will hold the same amount of time under the sun, the first time to very severe burns while the second will only be a semitone darker. That is get a tan.

Dangerous sunburn

However, for black people the sun can be even more dangerous than their light-skinned counterparts. On the one hand, they too have light skin, able to burn without protection. First of all we are talking about feet and hands. Secondly, it is the dark skin color gives you time to recognize a sudden melanoma. If the white man saw this education, immediately go to the doctor, a dark-skinned miss precious time simply because they don't even know is seriously ill, and continues to be exposed to deadly radiation.

Negros are 10 times less likely to develop cancer of the skin, but the percentage of deaths among representatives of this race are disproportionately large.

Dark skin can also burn

Therefore, we can say that blacks not only sunbathing, but quite a able to burn or even cancer of the skin. That is, dark skin is not an absolute protection from harmful effects of sun rays.

Advice 2 : Why the skin tans

Tan is formed under the action of the skin to ultraviolet rays, only the soft spectrum. Their source is the sun (natural tan) and a Solarium (tanning).
Why the skin tans

The appearance of the skin tanning due to the fact that under ultraviolet light induces the production of melanin, which is the source of tanning. The tan color depends on the melanin pigment. It can be Golden, bronze, chocolate, reddish. When there is insufficient production of melanin, the skin does not change.

The sun is not only a means for obtaining suntan, but also a source of good mood. Under the influence of sunlight normalizes the circulation of blood, strengthens bone tissue (bones, teeth), aktiviziruyutsya hormonal system.

But excessive sun exposure causes early aging of the skin, appearance of age spots and freckles, weakens the immune system, increases the predisposition to cancer of the skin (melanoma).

Different skin types react differently to UV rays. For example, the owners of dark skin fairly quickly get beautiful and even tan, the burn happens very rarely (intensive exposure). But people with fair skin type (blonde, redheads) short stay under the rays can easily get a sunburn. Usually, such people redness of the skin, which soon disappears and the skin remains pale.

To reduce the sensitivity of the skin is recommended before sunbathing to eat foods high in vitamin C and PP (blackcurrant, Kale, lemon, apples, green onions).

You should not use before going to the beach or Solarium cosmetics, as its constituent substances have a negative effect on the skin and lead to the formation of age spots. Also absolutely contraindicated the use of perfumes because the essential oil under the influence of rays cause inflammation on the skin.

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