Shoes off. Most likely, this rush of pain caused by uncomfortable shoes, which impaired blood flow in your foot. To avoid this, continue to choose shoes more suitable and convenient to you. Refrain from narrow noses, uncomfortable shoes and heels that make you avoid normal gait.
Lie down with your feet on the ground. This allows blood to move more freely in your body. Unfortunately, this maneuver is not convenient in every case. Then just sit down. In any case, it will relieve tension of the foot.
If it is clear that the pain caused by the cramp, try to massage the soft tissue under the arch. The more muscle you get, the pain ismore chances that the cramp will release. If possible, make a few butterflies in my stomach with a needle.
Wait for the blunting of pain or its complete disappearance. This in any case will take time.
If the discomfort is caused by another reason, for example, age-related overgrowth of nerve tissue, then take a local anesthetic. For this purpose, you can use various ointments and special creams.
Will visit the doctor. You need to know the exact diagnosis of your disease. This will help to avoid in the smallest things – the painof a large inconvenience in the future. And most likely this is a precursor or the result of a more serious process. For example, the impact of the severe dislocation.
Follow the recommendations of the orthopedist and therapist. Be sure to wear special insoles. They will protect your feet from further injury.