Particularly acute problem of uneven tanning affects the area of the feet. Most sunbathers as natural on the beach and in the tanning bed, complaining that his legs tan slower than other parts of the body (back, arms, etc.).All the matter in the presence and the amount of the pigmenting cells of the skin. For example, in the tanning process you, probably, have noticed that the inner surface of the hands and feet very slowly tans. In these areas contains a much smaller number of the pigmenting cells, which provide the intensity of the tanning of the skin. It should be noted that the face tans very slowly, because of the nature of the protective stratum corneum of the skin in this area is much thicker. It also provides protection from UV-B radiation.As for the legs, they tan slowly, first, because the thickness of the upper layer of the skin of the feet is large enough. If legs slowly sunbathe, take a look at the location of the sun relative to your body (if you are sunbathing on the beach). Possibly soak up so that his feet fell a little more sunlight than on the shoulders (and the sun will fall evenly, and the skin of the shoulders will not annealed).The poor circulation of the legs also contributes to the acceleration of the sun (the lack of oxygen leads to the reduction of coloring of melanin pigments). Make sure that the blood flow in the legs was the best: lay down so your head was above the level of the feet - the process and result of the sun will please you.If you tan in the tanning bed, usually take into account this feature of tan most people and in advance send more rays on the legs. If Solarium horizontal, to achieve a uniform tan used a specially designed acrylic bed, not preventing normal circulation of the limbs.