During the Church ceremony the faithful Orthodox people make a vow before God to love each other. During this rite the priest in a special prayer seeks the Lord's blessings on family life, the birth and upbringing of children in the Orthodox faith. The ceremony in the Church tradition referred to as creating "small Church", that is family.

Historically, the wedding was made together with the divine Liturgy (before X century). Therefore, the faithful people before the sacrament of marriage was Holy communion at the Liturgy. After connecting with God, the couple has proceeded to the sacrament of marriage.

In the period from X to XV century the sacrament of marriage begins to separate from the worship of the Liturgy. Church blessing for the marriage gradually formed into a separate rite. However, the historical memory about the necessity of confession and communion before the sacrament of marriage remained.

Currently, many clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church suggest before the ceremony to purify your soul from sins in confession and proceed to the sacrament of Holy communion. It is a pious tradition that is beneficial for the spiritual life of man. The importance of the sacrament of the wedding results in a certain conscious approach, the spiritual preparation of future priests. That is why it is useful to follow the tradition of confession and communion before the wedding.

Currently, however, the sacrament of marriage may be made without prior confession and communion of the spouses. This practice is observed in large cities and numerous parishes (you must understand that the wedding, confession and communion are currently separate ordinances). Thus, the confession and communion before the sacrament of marriage is a useful and desired practice, but not fundamental. Every person is free to decide for themselves how important it is to connect with Christ in the sacrament of the Eucharist directly in front of the family.