Physiological factors

Doctors the nature of their activities are well aware of the human physiology, so they can quickly find the cause of a burning face. Doctors there are several factors that affect this condition. For example, the cause may be the release into the blood large amounts of adrenaline, that's what happens when people have something much frightened.

Also, this condition is caused by stress associated with such feelings as anger, irritation, embarrassment, shame. This is justified by the fact that these emotions provoke strong nervous excitement, due to this and increases blood flow to the skin of the face.

Enhanced mental activity can also be the cause of the redness. When man ponders, decides to head difficult tasks, blood also dramatically rushes to the head, and this causes redness of the skin.

When the temperature rises, when people get sick, for example, a cold or flu, can also occur this trouble. Hormonal disturbances that arise because of age, too, can lead to such a result. Also in a similar situation to provoke some diseases such as high blood pressure. The redness may be triggered by an Allergy, especially when poured on the skin spots.
The use of certain medication, especially hormonal, can also cause a similar phenomenon.

If the person is a long time spent in the cold, coming into a warm room, it will burn your face. This is because the cold things and warm rushes back to him.
The face may be due to the fact that the street is too hot.

Folk omens

If the temperature of a normal human, on a hormonal level, all right, emotion is not, and the face is burning, pay attention to folk wisdom. Of course, someone who believes in omens, and some don't, but the science it explains how changes in the nature and behavior of people influence the organism that whom in some way is able to capture non-verbal low signals.

For example, "fire on the face" may mean that about you someone says, but good or bad you can learn. Take a gold ring and slide it across his cheek. If after such actions will remain pale stripe (white), then you will be praised if the trace is black, you have someone gossips, scolds you.