Advice 1: How much is 1 acres of land

After 90 years, the Russians have the opportunity to make the property real estate, cost of square meters of housing and acres of land become relevant for those who want to buy or sell an apartment, house or land. When it comes to land, the cost depends on many factors, each of which has a significant impact on what will be the price of the site.
How much is 1 acres of land

Factors that affect how much it will cost land

It is clear that the main parameter determining the cost of land is its area. Therefore, for convenience of calculations, do not use total square footage, which can be anything, and the price per hundred square meters – 100 square meters in the area. Well, in General, the cost of one hundred square meters of land will be determined by its commercial and consumer demand. It is clear that the sites located in depressed areas, will cost much lower than those sold in the big cities or near them. Acres of land in the middle lane will be cheaper than in the South, especially on the coast of the Black sea.

In addition, essential infrastructure nearby. In that case, if the area will already be a new home with brought to them by the utilities, the cost will be the maximum. A lot of will mean and what is the target allowed the use of the land. If it is intended for agriculture or for gardening, its price will be lower than the intended use of which is determined for individual housing construction.
Unlike the suburbs, to other regions of the country distance from city is not very important, the main criterion here is the availability of infrastructure.

How much is one hectare in different regions of the Russian Federation

Excessive demand on the earth are now gone anywhere, realtors say that the price of land fall even in the suburbs and on the black sea coast, and falling demand has affected both areas of elite building and those committed to suburban areas. Independent experts predict a further fall in the value of land associated with the unstable situation in the economy. How many citizens who would like to move out of town and build a house there, now the opportunity presents itself!
The average cost weave land on the black sea coast, thousands of roubles, Sochi – 900; Gelendzhik – 720; Tuapse – 550; Anapa – 480.

Currently, according to some Internet portals, where are exhibited for sale, the cost of one hundred square meters of land in an area located in the vicinity of large settlements, in 2013, in dollar terms amounted to: Moscow – 7200; St. Petersburg – 6310; Krasnodar – 6300; Vladivostok – 5900; Nizhny Novgorod – 4800; Tyumen – 2500; Ekaterinburg – 2100; Ryazan – 1700; Tula – 1200; Belgorod – 900. To tell you the exact price you will be able realtors involved in the sale of plots in a particular locality.

Advice 2 : How to buy land in the suburbs

An increasing number of people want to escape from the stifling city noise and smog, and to purchase a plot of land outside the city to build a house that will become a vacation spot or permanent residence. To buy land in the suburbs you can use the services of specialized firms that help to carry out the process of collecting and processing the documents is legally competent and in a short time. But you can save money by doing it yourself.
How to buy land in the suburbs
Determine the area of Moscow suburbswhere you would like to buy a plot of land, including transport routes, which can be reached.
Go to the relevant websites and collect detailed information on whether there are suitable sites. Note the approximate value of land, in various communications, water bodies, harmful to health enterprises, etc.
Take a trip to the selected area, go to your local authorities and ask whether the sale of the land plots for construction of houses. We will consider the proposals of the administration and, if there are suitable objects for you, find out conditions of sale of land and the cost of the transaction. Apply for purchase of the chosen site.
Prepare documents, observing all the legal niceties, be sure to check before buying if this site encumbrances, or any restrictions on the realization of construction works.
Ask local residents whether selling a house with land, if in the administration you anything suitable is not offered or you decided not to buy just a plot of land and a house that can be demolished to build your. Such a solution will simplify the task, as the house will already be connected to communications. But if you like to work the land, then you are not good done by the previous owners planting, fruit trees, etc.
Let's consider several sites, because the purchase of land is a serious purchase and to buy the first is not necessary. Check host availability of all necessary documents confirming the ownership of the house and land. Get ready for that about two months you will have to spend on gathering the necessary information and evidence.
Let's make a deal sale. Register your ownership of the house in the chamber. Get a new cadastral number of the land that was assigned to him under the contract of purchase and sale.

Advice 3 : How much to build a house

Self-building a home requires not only skilled hands and a knowledge of materials and tools. The future owner also has to determine the volume of the necessary materials and calculate all the construction costs. The cost of building a house will largely depend on the scale of constructed structures.
How much to build a house

Before to begin the preparation of estimates for construction, prepare project of the future house. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, contact to the finished development, which are abundant on the Internet. This project, of course, is not exclusive, but will not require additional expenditures, which could not be avoided when referring to the project organization or to the independent designers. Now that you have determined the General area of his future home, you can start the calculation.

Costs direct construction of houses include the cost of building and finishing materials. The total cost of the construction of the foundations of the whole structure depends on how you see your dream home: wood, brick, or made of cellular concrete. Construction of houses made of wood on average will cost you 12-14 thousand rubles per sq. m. Brick or cellular concrete is more expensive: up to 20 thousand rubles per square meter area of the house. These figures should be considered if you are planning a very simple one-story building. For two-storey buildings and for more refined architectural solutions price per square meter may reach 60-70 thousand.

An important article for construction costs – the interior finished home. The cost of finishing the interior will depend on the material from which made the walls of the house. The structure is of brick and porous concrete will require 3-5 thousand rubles per square meter of area of walls. For wooden structures the cost will be 2-3 times lower than in the case of finishing of a brick building.

Don't forget about the cost of electrification of the section where is located the house. They will consist of the price of wires, switches, sockets, automatic shutdown system, electric meter and so on. Estimating the cost of the device power system, assume that they will be about 600 rubles per square meter of housing area.

If you plan to equip the country house of a centralized gas supply system, please note that connection may only be made by specialists certified organizations, each of which sets its own prices for services. The minimum cost routing of gas pipes in a residential area will be about 20 thousand.

It is also important to take into account the costs structure of sewer and water. The connection to the existing water system will be relatively cheap. If you decide to build near the house a well, keep in mind that the price will amount to 3-5 thousand rubles for the ring. The drilling of individual wells can cost you 80-100 thousand.

The cost of the final arrangement of the area is relatively low. They usually involve, the removal of debris, construction of fence with gate or gates. Most of these works can also be done internally with minimal use of resources.

Be, however, prepared to ensure that during the execution of the construction project at home costs could increase, because all the little things to consider at the outset is quite difficult. Experts believe that pre-compiled estimate may be doubled. For example, if you felt that the house construction will cost you 750$, mortgage costs 1.5 million This will help you avoid disappointments in the latter stages of construction when you will see that do not fit in the budget.

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