You will need
  • The calculation of the amount of rent.
In order to calculate the rental cost of the necessary normative monetary evaluation of land. Learn about it in the certificate for land share. To determine the regulatory monetary value of land, it must be indexed, that is, to take into account the level of inflation.
After that happens, the rent calculation, the final figure should be recorded in the contract. Depends on the agreement of the owner with the tenant.
A little different calculation of the rent for state land or municipal property. You also need to know the normative value of land. For state and municipal institutions for public lands set rents in the amount of land tax.
The Federal Agency that controls state property will determine the amount of rent one of the following ways:
- results of tenders (contests, auctions);
- on the basis of the cadastral value of land.
depending on the rates of the rent of land or methodical instructions for its calculation, which have been approved by the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation;
- on the basis of the market value of the land, which is determined with the legislation on appraisal activity.