You will need
  • - the statement in Arbitration court;
  • - documents for the property;
  • - information on the market value of the property;
  • - certificate of the cadastral value of the property;
  • - copy of cadastral plan (for real estate);
  • - legend (real estate).
To produce a partition share percentage, if partition in kind is impossible or the other owners or participants of the section have expressed a desire to pay your percentage, contact the court of Arbitration.
Present the certificate of ownership of the property or document of title. If you are a section property, you are required to present a copy of the cadastral plan, explication of the object reference on the cadastral value and proof of market value by independent expert organizations having the license for realization of valuation activities and property of the citizens and legal entities.
On the basis of a court decision after the ruling your share will allocate a percentage. If you need to know the value of their shares, under section you can find the market and cadastral valuebased on the allocated percentages.
If you are going to get their share as a percentage or mortgage their share in the loan structure, the independent evaluators will evaluate only your share and give you a document about its value.
All legally significant actions, such as section real estate or other property among the heirs, the owners or proprietors, and the pledge of its share in the loan structure, is calculated from the market value of the property.
The cadastral value of the property calculated a share in the liquidation of enterprises of all forms of property, when required by the participants in common ownership to obtain the liquidation value of the property, and also at bankruptcy of the enterprise, upon the payment of any financial obligations.
For example, when property value with the help of independent experts made up 10 million rubles, cadastral value of the property amounted to 5 million rubles. According to the court, each applicant will receive an equal share. For example, the applicant or owner of 4, it means that everyone has the right to 2.5 million rubles. In assessing the liquidation value of each will receive 1 million 250 thousand rubles, but this amount will be reassessed after the payment of all existing debt obligations to third parties.