Examine the prices of similar homes. It is desirable that they are near your. Read the newspaper, look online. The cost of the house depends on the material from which it is made, the availability of communications, garage and outbuildings. A house with a bath and a house for guests will increase the price. Of great importance is the layout of the house, made in it repair. The cost of the house also determines the presence of a balcony or terrace. Building 2-3 floor will cost more than one storey. If you have a fireplace, it will also influence the price.
Decide on the cost for houses in your area. If you appreciate a country house, its price will be lower than in the city. Determines the price of a country house the distance from the main road and shops. The house will be worth more if there is a forest or a river.
Find out the market value of the land on which your home is located. To do this, you will the land Committee. The price will affect the value of the land. House with garden, a pond or a small Park is estimated above.
Will help you determine the price of a real estate Agency. Talk with realtors, review the options. The experts will evaluate your home based on the demand and supply in the real estate market.
Contact firms for real estate valuation. Professional appraisers calculate the market value of you house, based on current prices.
View Internet sites. On many websites of real estate agencies, you will be able to determine the approximate cost of the house, filling out a form. It specifies the location of the property, number of storeys, area of the house and grounds, and other basic parameters for evaluation.