You will need
  • - passport;
  • documents on the house;
  • - documents for the land plot;
  • - the statement;
  • - the receipt on state duty payment for services.
If you want to build a house in a village in the banking industry, for example, if you take a large loan amount then you need to get help on the cadastral value of buildings and land, as the Bank only accepts a reference on the cadastral value. Also help may be required for the transaction of donation or for committing other legally relevant actions.
To get information about the cadastral value of the home, contact the BTI. Present your passport, technical passport of a building, documents of title and the certificate of ownership and complete the application form for the certificate of the cadastral value.
If the cadastral passport was issued more than 5 years ago, you will have to pay a technique to once again examined the house and outbuildings to make changes in the cadastral passport.
Estimated cadastral value of the house and outbuildings is subject to many parameters. Take into account the year of construction, market real estate prices in your region, the percentage of wear of construction materials, the location of the property.
The timing of the registration certificate of the cadastral value depends on the rate that you pay for professional services of BTI. If you need it urgently, pay an accelerated rate.
To get information about the cadastral value of the land contact the land registry house on a single track of land, cadastre and cartography. No certificate will be issued on the basis of surveying. If you have already put the site on a single account and you have the cadastral passport, the cost of land will be determined on the basis of available documents.
Complete the application, present your passport, documents of title to land, ownership certificate.
Help you will be given one month if you have paid standard rate. When payment of an accelerated rate of issuance of certificate is made within three days.
If you need to appraisal value of independent expert agencies, contact any organization that has the state accreditation for the implementation of this type of service.
Independent experts issue a certificate about market value of any property, but officially these references not taken into account. So it you only need to determine the purchase price, if you are at a loss to define it.