You will need
  • device to intercept the signal Navigator.
If you need to drown out the signal of your device, use a special portable device, which applies to devices that are within a certain range. Such devices can also be used to plug signal TV, radio, mobile phone and so on.
Best of all, of course, to buy devices separately, but also available are multi-function models. The majority of the suppressors of signal GPS represent a small device, slightly larger than a cell phone. It integrates a special external antenna (or multiple antennas depending on model and functionality).
Purchase this device at radio in your city, shops selling electrical goods, online stores and so on. If you have the skills to build such devices, you can do it on their own, after finding the right scheme for the development of the thematic forums.
In case you cannot purchase this unit in your town, order its production in various forums of your city. Also try to ask for the order of goods in various service centers and electronics stores in your city. When you select the device to intercept the signal guided by the purpose and required additional functionality and a radius of influence.