You will need
  • - the tape;
  • or
  • rope and line.
Remove the clothes that they do not create extra volume. Should not be measured in spanx or tights, otherwise you will get distorted results.
Find your natural waist level. It is located between the lowest point of the ribs and the uppermost bone of the hip joint. The waist is fairly easy to determine by putting your hands on your hips. The correct volume is measured at the narrowest point of the figure, if you look at yourself directly. In people whose weight is close to normal, the waist is at the navel. People who are overweight can find it at the level of the elbows, straighten the arms along the body.
Wrap the measuring tape around your waist. During the measurement, hold the inch strictly parallel to the floor.
Stand up, relax your belly, breathe out, do not strain the press and do not bend. Do not tighten centimeter of your stomach, but don't loosen the ribbon to SAG. It should fit snugly to your waist. Make metering.
Remove the centimeter and record your results.