Advice 1: How to open the doors of the car

Question about how to open the door occurs, as a rule, or in emergency situations, or in cars unfamiliar type. For example, if you are in Paris use the metro, you will have to open a door at the station. Cars with this capability will appear in the Moscow metro.
How to open the doors of the car
Read the instructions for passengers, which are usually placed in the car. Examine the sequence of actions for emergency situation. If the doors have an emergency opening, it is usually described in such instructions. Automatic doors in some cases can be overcome, having put considerable efforts. If the door is stuck, then find the emergency exit and use it.
Repeat the actions of local residents, if you were in the subway in another country. For example, in France, to door opened, you press the big button on the leaf or pulling a special metal arm. If you are traveling alone and not one stop, you will have the opportunity to learn the correct procedure.
Click on an individual opening the doors of the trains of the Moscow metro, if you drive early morning or late evening. In the spring of 2012, the lines should appear in cars of the new type. Them door will operate in two modes: automatic and manual. The first will be used in the period of large passenger flow. When the flow of passengers decreases, to use all the door becomes impractical. When you click an individual open the driver receives the signal and opens this door. Close doors automatically. So plan to increase the life of the cars.
Exit through the emergency exits in case of emergency in metro. They are in the head cars. The fact that not all the tunnels you can leave the car by opening the main door.
In the long-distance trains doors of the car open only inward. Exterior doors have triangular lock, a lockable guide on the key, and a secret latch opened from inside the vestibule. Them unlocks the conductor stops. Transitional end doors also open inward, but a lock only in exceptional situations.
Pull the handle of the compartment in the plane of the door leaf to open the passage. Door off to the side on rails. If you open it from inside the compartment, check locked if the lock on the door. Let's see whether nominated stopper, preventing unauthorized opening. If all interference is eliminated, the door should move.

Advice 2 : How to send a wagon with a load

Using the services of the railway companies, it is possible to transport different loads and types, and dimensions, and the form and conditions of transportation. For cargo there are several types of cars. You will surely be able to find the right type and successfully send your goods.
How to send a wagon with a load
Determine the type of cargo. If the goods are afraid of water, it will need to be transported in covered wagons with high solid walls and a roof. So transported, such as grain and products of light industry. If you need to transport construction materials, wood or ore, choose to transport platforms that are convenient folding low side. In addition, for such carriage will approach the gondola, allowing higher and the floor has hatches through which it is convenient to pour the goods out. Liquid cargo should be transported in the train-tank, which is a cylindrical container made of metal and the put on wheels. Perishable foods are transported in special wagons. They supported and regulated by the required temperature, so they are called cars with the engine cooling.
Calculate the weight of the load. If its mass does not allow to place it either in the gondola or on the platform, it will need to be transported in conveyors which have powerful metal and can withstand loads of up to 500 tons. If the weight of the load does not exceed 70 tons, it can carry the usual way. If the cargo can be divided into several parts, calculate in advance how many cars you need to order.
Select the company which will deal with transportation. It should be reliable. The factors that in a particular firm additionally offers services such as loading, transportation up to the car, will testify in her favor. If such services no, think about the method of transportation of cargo to the car and determine who will load the goods into the car. In addition, agreement with the host about the unloading and transportation.
We will process your cargo. Provide the information about the sender and the recipient, the start and end of station road. Describe the cargo that is transported, to what extent, how many places, cars is. Make sure that you have provided information about the date and time of arrival, number of the coach and the train, where he's going. Make the act of acceptance-transfer of the goods and pay the freight.

Advice 3 : How to open the door "priors" without the key

Very unpleasant, but thankfully rare situation when you lose the keys to your car. This happens most often because of our own absent-mindedness and carelessness. Unfortunately, from it nobody is insured, including owners of "priors". Therefore, every owner of a domestic car should know ways of opening the doors of the iron horse with the help of improvised means.
How to open the door "priors" without the key
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wooden wedges;
  • - wire;
  • - hammer;
  • - Scotch.
As you know, the door lock "priors" is carried out via a Central locking system. In some cases, due to the alarm. In the absence of the ability to use a spare set of keys unlocking a door can be produced with the ordinary wire. It should be stiff but not thick.
Insert the wire above the handle between the glass and gasket. The hook made at the end of the wire, have to watch your back. Insert the hook between the handle and the striker, then push it until it rests on the thrust. Now carefully pick up the dog and lift it, thereby opening the door.
The second method of opening the "priors" without the key more difficult, but despite this, it is doable. For this you will need wooden wedges, the width of which should be 3-5 inches. Wedges be sure to wrap a rag not to damage parts of the vehicle, and then beat them by hand into the gap located between the door and the body. To avoid paint damage, place around the resulting gap with glue or Scotch tape. Now insert into the slot the wire and try to reach it until the Central locking button or a door handle, and then you can easily have it open.
If you for some reason can't use the first two ways of opening door "priors" will have to break something or crash. Most often, the distribution of hits glass. But before you break it down, figure out which of the glasses cheaper. As a rule, cheaper is not something that has a smaller size. It is useful to take care of the glass for replacement of broken, to go without which is unsafe. To strike it is best to use a heavy hammer to beat them you need to gently, but not very much.
If this method does not suit you, the way out of the situation will appeal to a specialized company, which offers services for opening doors. Specialist firms after verification of your documents and papers to the car using special equipment to quickly open the door of your "priors". This method is the safest of all options.
Before opening your car, take care of all the necessary documents for the right of possession of the vehicle and the documents with which you will be able to confirm his identity. This will allow to avoid problems with citizens who might mistake you for a thief and hand over to the relevant authorities.

Advice 4 : Than the soft car is different from the coupe

Today, the railway passengers are provided with all modern comforts to meet your every need. So, is increasingly becoming a "soft" cars that differ significantly from standard cars coupe next to comfortable conditions. What is the difference between the soft the car from the car compartment?
Than the soft car is different from the coupe


The car-a coupe traditionally is composed of nine compartments on four places, two toilets in the rear and the front of the car are equipped with washbasins and a double compartment for the attendants. In the car compartment you can carry thirty-six passengers, which are hard or soft sleeping shelf (bottom two and top two), coffee table, reading lamp, dome light on the ceiling and the mirror on the door.

The level of comfort of the car-compartment is directly dependent on train type and year of the car.

In the compartment Luggage is placed under the lower bunk or on the deck of the car, specifically designed for this niche. The main advantage of the compartment car is sobiraemosti four-seat coupe and a relatively smaller number of passengers, compared to the second-class car. To date, some trains of Russian Railways sells tickets only to women in the ladies compartment – men this service is not available.

Soft car

Soft compartment car, unlike the standard coupe has a large size (1.5 or 2 times). It is two beds (the sofa in a semi-double bed and top shelf), as well as folding table and chair. In addition, each soft compartment is the vacuum toilet, sink, heated floors and even shower. Soft passengers of the car are provided with a full hygiene kit, which includes everything necessary toiletries.

In some cars of a class "soft" is safe, in which passengers may place their valuables.

Soft cars are equipped with air conditioning, TV, radio and DVD player. If desired, the passenger can call the conductor, tapping on the call button. In addition, for passengers it provides a range of alcoholic drinks, hot dinner or Breakfast. The cost of alcohol are included in the ticket price. Another difference soft the car from the car-the coupe is the lack of random people, because it is sold only as a whole. To travel in the soft cars can be as alone, and couple. A child under the age of ten years in the car class "soft" can go absolutely for free. Some trains offered a ransom of soft car as a whole or as a passenger seat.

Thus, the soft car is significantly different from the standard coupe's comfort level and the ability to travel in a pleasant solitude.

Advice 5 : What is the difference between the cars in the train

In Russia there are several types of passenger cars, which differ from one another in the amount stipulated in the seats and comfort level. There is also a significant difference in the cost of travel in any car, even a train.
What is the difference between the cars in the train

Sedentary wagon

Sedentary car is equipped only places for sitting passengers. Places can be both hard and soft, reminiscent of seats on the plane. Unlike the cars in the train, it's a coach there are two toilets located next to the vestibules. It also has compartments designed for the conductors. Cars of this type by the level of comfort and number of seats are divided into three classes: economy class (from 63 to 68 seats), business class (43 seats) and the cars of the first class (10 seats).

Second-class carriage

Second-class carriage consists of 9 compartments compartment type is not fenced off from the common corridor. Compartments are equipped with folding tables and 6 shelves, three on each side. Four shelves (bottom and middle) are designed for passengers, but the top two are used for baggage. In addition, the extra space for bags under the bottom bunks. In front of each compartment are side seats. Just a second-class carriage 54 beds, 36 of which are in the compartments 18 on the side during the route of the train.

Common carriage

In appearance, the General car is no different from second-class, but there was no sleeping space, top shelf only used for storage on the bottom placed passengers, three men on each shelf.

Compartment car

Every compartment in the carriage separated from the corridor by a door and is designed for four passengers. It is equipped with four shelves for sleeping, table, ceiling lamp, night lamp for reading, which is mounted in the wall next to each shelf. For storage there is space under the lower shelves and the niche above the door. The inner side of the door of the compartment is a mirror.

Like most cars designed for driving passengers from one city to another, in a compartment there are two toilets with washbasins and water heaters. At the beginning of the wagon has a double compartment for the attendants.

Sleeping car SV

This type of car has high comfort. He also has nine separate compartments, but each compartment only has two beds. All the shelves in the compartment is soft and has a soft backrest. In addition to reading lights, the light on the ceiling and the table in the compartment often have a TV or other equipment. The toilets in these carriages meet all modern requirements: the mixer is sinks, and the toilet seats are hygienic film.

Car Luxury

In the car of this class, only four compartment, each of which is designed for one or two passengers. The coupe may be different furnishings and layout. Most of them has a double bed, wardrobe, TV and a shower room.
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