You will need
  • repeater complete with external and internal antennas, coaxial cable, connectors and power divider;
  • - bracket for mounting an external antenna;
  • - crimping tool, knife, wire cutters and duct tape.
Pick up the repeater taking into account the required power and frequency range that your mobile telephone: GSM-900 or GSM-1800. To improve the quality of radiosignal in the country or in a country house, it is sufficient to use a low-powered repeater, medium power amplifiers are used for several houses, and a powerful repeaters can provide communication to a small village.
Connect to an external antenna one end of coaxial cable and attach it using the bracket on the facade or on the roof of the building. An external antenna is typically used, a directional antenna with high gain. Point it toward the antenna of the base station located at the nearest tower of your operator of cellular communication. Antenna try to place as high as possible.
Route the cable to the installation location of the repeater, pin it on the appropriate connector. To do this, replace the cable heat shrink and a metal ring, strip the Central vein, and set her "needle". Secure with a crimp connector on the cable.
Connect the external antenna to the repeater, designed to amplify a radiosignal in two directions: from cell phone to base station and back. To eliminate the mutual influence of the antenna position the internal antenna at a distance of not less than 20 m from an external antenna.
To increase the coverage area of the repeater, connect via voltage divider multiple internal antennas with circular radiation pattern, using a cable with internal impedance of 50 Ohms.