You will need
  • - duct tape;
  • varnish in spray.
Disconnect the sensor movement by disconnecting them from power source. This is the easiest way. However, most of them work on the battery and have no wires, in this case you just have a broken device. Also the option of blackout bad by the fact that the disconnection of the sensor can be detected, in this case, you will hardly go unnoticed.
Use the spray can with a translucent varnish-streeam, spray the sensor movement, after which it will work, but will not send the signals produced by the action in the room. Also note the type of sensor, it is possible that its sensitivity is lower to the floor may be weaker, it is typical for pet owners that when installing the sensor relied on its height.
If the sensor motion uses infrared light, seal it with duct tape. Do not use tape or other items as to turn off the sensor will not work. The effect is the same – the sensor will function, and the movement will not be seen. Best tape of its double layer.
Please pay special attention to the direction of sensor movement – not all sensors work with the help of direct radiation, many of them can change the tilt angle in almost any direction, so you also have to take into account this point. It is best to examine the direction of the sensors in the daytime.
Do not use any of these for illegal purposes, moreover, none of these methods do not give an absolute guarantee that they wouldn't work. Do not use to close sensor bright objects also, don't try to light, in most cases it doesn't work. Also learn how to pre-determine their location and direction.