You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - easy hammer;
  • - punch;
  • - clamp.
Normally, the spring in the rifles of the PPS system loses its performance after 2500-3000 rounds. While there is a noticeable decrease in power rifles (30%), which lost accuracy and killability. Before replacing springs you should choose and purchase the appropriate counterpart. You can use the more powerful Magnum class spring, different length, thickness of wire and number of turns, but the outer diameter of the spring should be equal to the nominal.
Before replacing springs you will need to remove from the rifle the piston mechanism. For this you need to remove the box by undoing the three screws. Two of them are on the sides of the forearm, sometimes the holes are covered with decorative caps. The third screw is usually located near the staples trigger.
When the rifle is removed, disconnect the drive of the mechanism cocking and the rifle barrel by removing and knocking out the two pins located in the body breech. You will then need to remove the trigger mechanism. He can have a free mount in the slots of the slot of the receiver, or be fixed by bolts or pins to the block.
The spring is secured inside the receiver by means of thrust washers that act as plugs. Washer is located in the rear of the box and fixed one or two fingers. To remove them, you need to rest the receiver washer in half and push down, removing the spring tension. After that, the fingers can squeeze with a thin screwdriver or punch out with a punch. In some cases, especially when the replacement springs Magnum, it is reasonable to use a special clamp.
After the Circlip is removed, you will need to bring the sear out of engagement, or to twist the spring itself. The piston housing will be free and effortlessly out of the receiver. It must be examined for abrasion and damage, and also to assess the state of the cuff.
Defective piston should be entered in the receiver together with a new spring that will need to compress with clamps, or just resting in the floor. Not be amiss to coat the inner cavity of the receiver. Need to control the initial position of the thrust washers, otherwise the holes for the pins do not match. When the spring piston is down in the receiver, the pins are in place, is the mounting of the trigger and engages the sear. After that, you need to install the barrel and lever of the bracket, fasten the rifle in the box.