You will need
  • Electric lighter for gas cookers
  • Lighter for gas stove with piezo
  • Insulated wire
  • For jammer:
  • Electromagnetic relay RSM-2
  • 2 capacitor
  • Variable resistance
  • DC or AC 24 V
  • For jammers:
  • Chip КР555ЛА3
  • Source voltage 5V
The most powerful and terrible noises — electric lighter for the gas stove. The spark that it generates covers a large range of frequencies. Reception on long and medium waves is virtually impossible. In addition, this device generates the strongest interference and even power circuits. This is its disadvantage, since you can stop to watch TV or listen to the radio all the neighbors. But later in the evening, when all but a troublesome neighbor, already asleep, you can use this device.
You can do a portable jammer on the same principle. You can also use a gas lighter, but with a piezoelectric element. However, its button will have to push all the time while you're jamming the transmission. To improve her work will provide a small antenna device. As antenna you can use a small piece of occasion which should be soldered or screwed to one of the electrodes near the piezoelectric element.
To create interference, you can use a Taser if you have it. It itself gives a very powerful interference. But they, as in the first two cases, directed. However, the stun gun does not harm the power grid.
It is possible to assemble the device, which is a professional jammer. Solder it according to the above scheme. If you take the AC source, the interference will be stronger.
Solder the jammer in accordance with the scheme
If you need to drown out the VHF receiver or TV, it is best to solder to make a jammer on the chip. Solder it according to the above scheme.
For interference to VHF range, use the jammers