Funnel collects items, throwing them on top. It can also unload most of the containers in their inventory, containing 5 units, moves items from the top of the container at the bottom if installed between them.
If you could craft the hopper, you can connect it to such containers, such as chests, trolleys, stoves, and cooking rack.
Crafted to funnel in Minecraft, you need to place on the bench five iron ingots and one chest as shown in the picture.
A chest for crafting the funnel can be made of any eight boards, located on the workbench in a circle with an empty Central cell. Also, this piece is easy to find in the treasures, fortresses, abandoned mines, villages, temples.
Get iron ingots by smelting iron ore, crafting of blocks of iron. Find iron in the temples, treasures, abandoned mines. Since iron ingots are one of the most common blocks in Minecraft, it is unlikely that their production will be a great challenge for an experienced player.
From the feed hopper can be crafted trolley top load that will be transported on rails.
Now you know how to craft a funnel, and feel free to use it to automatically move items. To overload things for long distances, you can join the many craters. To enable and disable the funnel should be a Redstone signal.